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And so it begins

So I felt like a brilliant Lizz earlier when I realized that Pamela was totally the Twilight for the 18th Century. It was only after I had committed myself to doing my research paper on said similarity that I realized: I am a rather dumb Lizz, because now I have to read the Twilight series.


So, since I refuse to spend actual money on these horrible, horrible books, I am borrowing. Point? I cannot highlight and underline. That is what this is for. A mix of review/quotation/brainstorming as I wade my way through four books in the next two weeks. Fun times will start soon.

Nothing quotable for my paper, but if I'm going to do the thing, it must be done right, yes?

Okay, wait. Before we even get into the Prologue...what's with the Genesis quote at the beginning? Is SMeyer seriously comparing eating the forbidden fruit to playing with the sparkly - ooh, spoiler - vampire? Really? Alright, then.

This isn't that bad, I guess. At least it is only a page. Apparently there is a hunter, and he wants to kill her. Got it. Consider me enticed. :)
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