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Vick's is SO my friend

Right. That is so it. Black Friday is evil, and even though I got nice deals on a pretty vacuum, dishes, pointies, spice racks, and other assorted goodies (Ratatouille for $12! SCORE!), I don't believe that I shall ever be doing it again. Aside from the being awake for 24 hours thing (something I actually haven't done in a while and really wasn't all that bad), I now feel like shit. My head is pounding and when I try to speak or sing the sound that comes out can be likened to the one that came out of the lady in that commercial against smoking where she had a hole in her throat. Pretty. I also cannot seem to stop coughing. Meh. I am hoping that this goes away by Tuesday, or else I think Tina (Voice teacher) will kill me, and then use my internals as pretty Christmas decorations, and a warning to others in my class who feel the need to get themselves sick two weeks before finals. But never fear! For I have a plan! I figure if I keep the usage of my voice to a minimum for the next couple of days, by Tuesday it should be okay. Yes.

On the bright side, it really is just normal!sick and not dayafter!sick, which always happens and always results in me walking around like a zombie for a week, and feeling like I am a zombie for three more besides. But I wouldn't give up the theme park visits for the world, even if they are the epicenter of germs.

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