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PotC: 3

So. Saw PotC 3 Sunday, and I have to say that I find myself...disappointed. I mean, there were some kickass parts, like the swashbuckling wedding (and the fighting in between-that was great) or Cap'n Jack's Fun Time With Hallucinations in the White Space That is Either Limbo or his Very Own Speshul Version of Hell. But...there were definite parts -the good v bad Jack's on his shoulders, the multiple jacks during the Very Special Insanity Moments, the recurring "Everyone wants Elizabeth" theme (swear to God if she had wound up being the goddess chick I would have hurt someone), Orlando Bloom's wannabe goatee, the rum jokes, and the crappy, half-assed love story between the goddess Callypso and Davey Jones. Oh, and just Callypso in general. What was the point of having her there if she wasn't going to do anything? What? WHAT??- that drove me nuts.

On the brighter side, Keith Richards!!! And Barbosa!!

And it did help that every five seconds one of us was quoting whoever played the enemy-person(you know, the prig from the last one who wound up with Davey's heart?)'s last movie endeavor. "I must say, what excellent boiled potatoes", "Believe me, no one would ever suspect your manners to be rehearsed", and such.

They should stop at three. Will they? I doubt it.
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