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oooh, its shiny!

hello, hello. and how are you? im just peachy keen, jellybeans. the sarah came by today, with her mike. we all hung out for awhile, then we got the holly. we had mexican food.  i like mexican food, and holly said that i could have some of her yummy ice cream tomorrow when i go visit her neice. yay. we went to chris' today too. dude, i never realized how much i miss most of the ghetto guys when they arent around. they are too funny, and flirting with chris is always fun, cuz i know hell never take what i say seriously, unlike some morons. saw nang too. i couldnt resist talking bout the beach thing, cuz im a bit of a bitch i guess. oh well, we all have a lil bitchiness in us dont we?

so i get to sleep in again tomorrow. yay. i do like to sleep, especially since i never seem to get enough of it anymore, which sucks. but tomorrow i will, so ha! evil gods of sleep. i will beat you. and i have pepsi. and i get my car next weekend. AND the weekend after that, my rents are gone and im gonna get drunk. shit, life is good.

Tags: fun: sea world, personal: car

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