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Even more proof that QaF has taken over my life

I’m watching Psych, which I have never seen even once in my life, though I usually mean to. Which is actually not even the point. The point is:

Guy 1 (no, I don’t know his name; bite me): We could go to Ibi-zah

Guy 2 : It’s Ibeetha

Me, who until this point had been half watching, more concerned with my own thoughts and whatnot, is suddenly alert, and the stuff going on inside my head is something like this: Hee, Ibiza! I remember when Brian went to Ibiza. That’s a bad, bad place…but there are beautiful men in white, everywhere. And the air smells like lemon scented air freshener. *ahem*

Yes, really. I need help. Oh, yes, I do.
Tags: my very own speshulness, tv: qaf

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