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qaf 110

Tonight is 110. Enjoy.

Episode ten is really better known as the hotel sex episode. And well it should be, for it is hot. But there are other things that happen aside from the smokin’ hotel sex, and though it is hard to concentrate on it, I managed somehow. Remember how last episode David asked Michael to live with him, while Michael thought that a breakup was inevitable? This episode continues pretty much where that one left off, even featuring the very couple in the first scene, walking down Liberty Ave. They are discussing David’s offer and whether or not Michael will accept it. Michael hems and haws and doesn’t actually accept it. He says that he’ll think about it, and David tells him that he has a fantasy of waking up on a Sunday morning with him and surprising him in the shower. Mikey is pleasantly surprised. “No one’s ever put me in their fantasy before” It’s a sweet moment.

That very same morning, Mel and Linds are raking leaves with Gus, and Linds lets slip that she would like to take a year off to raise him. Mel isn’t sure that it is wise or that they can afford it, and when Lindsay tentatively mentions Brian, Melanie freaks. No way. Fuck him. He is the reason why every time she looks at Gus, she is reminded that she’ll never have any rights. Ever. I glare. Oh, button up, woman. So the guy loves his kid. Is that such a crime? He didn’t refuse to sign the papers to spite you, so stop acting like this is some kind of personal insult. Yes, I do say that to my tv. Shut up.

At the loft, Justin is giving Daphne the grand tour. She is very impressed with all the pretty and expensive things that Brian has, and Justin is way too smug for his own good. Brian hears them being the giggly teenagers that they are and comes out-naked-calling Justin over and starting to chew him out for the tour-guidy thing, “This isn’t the White House. George Washington never slept here” Yeah. That would be because he’s dead. Otherwise, who knows? Justin agrees with me. “He’s the only one who hasn’t.” * snort * Oh, this boy owns me. Brian is not to be deterred. He wants to complain, dammit! He demands to know if Justin knows what time it is. Justin’s like, “Noon. Duh.” Oh shit. Brian has to meet his new trainer. Because nothing starts the day off quite as well as some good old fashioned cardio. I know I like it. He asks for guava juice, Justin pours and Daph serves. Brian snarks at her and she wins his favor by saying she never wants to be married. My kind of girl. Brian’s too, as he tells Justin. He makes a point of planting one on the cheek of Justin’s fair friend and then leaves them be to download porn and smoke pot. These kids are after Brian’s own heart, here. They would both be happy to know that, considering Daphne got over thinking that Brian was old and way too skinny right about the time that Brian’s lips brushed her cheek. But before the festivities can get under way Daphne reminds Justin that it is his sister’s birthday, and Justin decides to pay a visit to the home place to see her.

Meanwhile, Michael has just told Emmett that David has asked him to move in, and Em is teary-eyed with excitement. He’s so happy for Mikey, and cant believe it when Michael tells him that he never really gave David a straight answer. Why the hell not? Because he is worried about what Brian will say, of course. He makes a bunch of random excuses, but in the end that is really all they are, and everyone knows it. This makes me sad. Really, really sad. Here Mikey is, still clinging on to this dream of him and Brian together, maybe passing up on a great chance to be happy with someone who loves him. He needs to give it up and move on. Which is kind of what Emmett tells him. And then to break up the sadness, he demands to know what he’s supposed to do now with no roommate to pay half the rent. They have a pillow fight. So cute.

Justin heads back home with a drawing as a present for Molly, and she is happy to see him, mainly because she wants her present. Nahh, I bet she missed her big brother, but now she has all of her friends over. Jen and Justin move away from the party to talk, and Jen tells him that she wants him to come home, and so does Craig. Justin’s tentatively happy about this. He wants to come home. See? It’s not all about Brian with this kid-at least not one hundred percent. Jen gets excited. She wants to run in and tell Craig, but Justin stops her. “What about the rules?” Jen stutters her way through excuses, but Justin knows what’s up. Craig wont budge, and Justin can’t. Then Jen gets serious. She loves her son, but she has to think of the whole family, not just one. And that family still includes Craig. I kind of get what she is trying to say, but it is obvious that all Justin hears is his one ally trading sides. He leaves, and Jennifer goes back to her daughter, looking unhappy.

The first part of his “workout” done, Brian returns to the loft with his trainer for round two, only to find the door wide open. He thinks that Justin is inside and starts to go off, only to find…nothing. Yes, that’s right, nothing. No furniture, no television or computer, no clothes…no juicer or silverware, either, but we ‘re not supposed to know that yet. I wont tell if you wont. The trick is okay with things, though. “At leas the bed’s still here.” Oh, hee. I don’t think that Brian is in the mood any more. And I’m right. Trick goes bye-bye, and Mikey gets called over to witness Brian flipping out on Justin, and then kicking him out as well. I just don’t get why he feels that Mikey needs to be there before he reams Justin out. Maybe so he wont kill him? Not that I think Mikey would report him. And so ends Justin’s brief jaunt at Casa de Kinney. He grabs his shit-“none of which, of course, was stolen”-and gets out of there as fast as he can. Except, he kind of has nowhere to go.

Mikey goes home to inform his family of what happened to Brian. He is kind of happy that Brian is so pissed at Justin, but makes no comment when Debbie sympathizes with the kid. He does give her a look, though. Probably just knows better than to open his mouth. Deb would smack him on the head; I’m sure of it. Vic tries to feed him, but he’s got a brunch. Deb is pleased. She wants to know if it is with her future son in law, so Mikey lets slip that David asked him to move in. His mom is ecstatic, Vic is cautious. Deb tells him to shut up, because living together with someone is hard for anyone, gay or straight. Damn straight, Deb.

There are lots of brunches. Lots and lots. So we’ll just go one at a time and see where we end up. Let’s start with Mel and Ted. They are doing brunch as they go over Mel and Linds’ finances to see if there is some way that Lindsay can stay home and be with their son. Ted says no, but if Brian were to help out-Mel does her whole fuck Brian spiel again, so Ted says that there is one other option. Melanie can use her inheritance that her father gave her to help with the money. Mel doesn’t particularly like this idea. This is her nest egg. Ted says that there really is no other way. Melanie sits back and ponders.

Brunch number two is David, Michael, and these old fossils who are there to make a good example for Michael that two men can live together and make it work. That’s really all there is to it. No, I mean it. Nothing else.

And the last, and best, brunch is with Brian, Linds, and Gus, as Brian tries to figure out all the stuff that was stolen so that he can send the list in to his insurance company. This is where we find out that the juicer and cutlery was nabbed, too. But they left the glasses. I can see them over Lindsay’s head. Guess those weren’t fancy enough. She asks where Justin is, and Brian fidgets. Looks at Gus and says that he doesn’t know; he told him to pack his shit and get the fuck out. He knows he reacted too strongly, you can see it in the way that he won’t meet her eyes square on, and when he finally does, he looks like a little boy who has just done something that he knows his mom isn’t gonna like. She stares at him in horror. He goes off on Justin, and Linds defends him. Brian tells her not to, and her eyes narrow. “Sorry,” she replies, “must be force of habit.” Score a point for Linds. She picks up Gus and starts to leave. Brian protests, “I thought you were going to help me with this list.” Lindsay glares. Uh-oh. “Oh, yeah”, she says, striding towards him and picking up his pen, “here’s one valuable item that’s missing that can’t be replaced.” She writes; Brian refuses to glance down until she is gone. When he does, he reads the name Justin in bold caps. I love Lindsay.

Meanwhile, Justin is at the diner, making plans to run away to New York with Brian’s credit card. He is going to be a go-go boy in Chelsea, and I have it on the best authority that he’ll be damn good at it, too. Daphne wants to go with; only she needs to be home by eleven. Hee. Justin doesn’t care. He’s going. He’ll pay Brian the money back when he gets some, but until then it is all about Brian’s pretty plastic. Look at our little Justin, all grown up and committing a felony. I’m so proud. * wipes a tear *

At Woody’s, the boys are discussing Mikey’s impending move. Brian is mocking the old old old couple. Emmett gives him shit for it. Then Mysterious Marylin offers her services for twenty bucks. Ted gives her ten, and she asks the Ouija what Michael’s true love’s name is. The little pointer spells out B-R-I before Michael freaks. That isn’t his boyfriend’s name. Marylin laughs. She didn’t ask about his boyfriend. She asked about his true love, and frankly, he’s a bad bet. Tell me about it. She starts to ask about his boyfriend when Daph pops up to yell at Brian. Marylin makes some more predictions that turn out to be true (later, though), and we see that Mikey is thinking too hard on the whole who is his true love bit, before Daphne starts in on Brian again. Justin is gone, and it is all his fault.

Deb concurs. Brian: since when? Deb: since you took him home and fucked him! Me: No, since you took him in and then kicked him out without so much as a thought to where he would go, you asshole!

Brian fucking Justin was just two guys getting their rocks off. But what Brian did to the poor kid after taking him in was wrong. Understandable, due to anger, but wrong just the same. And I think that Brian probably had been planning on going to fetch Justin before Deb even got her hooks in him. But he wont have to go alone. Mikey volunteers to go with, and then so do Em and Ted. They are doing this because they are Brian’s friends. Brian isn’t fooled, and as one, Em and Ted start chanting “road trip, road trip, road trip.” Hee. So the upshot is that Mikey ditches Dr. Dave to go with Brian and Dave goes to Mel and Linds’ alone. Gee. Shocked.

On the way there, Brian’s tire goes flat, just as MM predicted. Oooooooooh. So while Emmett is showing off his more butch side, Brian pulls Mikey off to the side to smoke a good joint that he doesn’t want to share with the other two. There they talk about David some more, and Brian finally tells Mikey what he’s been longing to hear for forever. That he loves him. And I think that this was when I officially knew that Mikey’s dreams of him and Brian together were never gonna come true. I don’t think that Mikey gets this, though, and when Brian pulls him into a kiss he looks more smitten than I have seen him yet. Good going, Bri, baby. And I don’t know that anyone will ever be able to convince me that that wasn’t Brian’s intention all along. By now Emmett has fixed the tire, and both he and Ted are giving Brian disapproving looks. Think they know what is up, or are they just pissed that Brian didn’t lift a finger to help them out?

I did mention before that David was doing dinner with the lesbians? It was phase two of his plan to show Michael that they could live together and get along. He is really enamored with the fact that they finish each other’s sentences. Later, the lesbians are discussion how great David is, and Mel says, “Let’s just hope Michael doesn’t fuck it up.” See, I knew I liked Mel. So far she is the only one who hasn’t said Brian will fuck it up for him…and she is the one who hates Brian! Lindsay finds a card that says that she can stay home for a year, and she starts to show Mel just how grateful she is…when Gus starts crying. So much for the lesbian love fest.

And finally, the part that you’ve all been waiting for. The boys are in NY, and Ted and Emmett are much more interested in clubbing than in looking for Justin. Shocker, there. Mikey’s on the phone with his mom, and Brian is busy finding out where Justin has been using his card. He finds out what he needs to know, then tells the guys that he will meet them in an hour. Because he so knows that he is about to get laid. C’mon. to the hotel Brian goes, where he finds Justin dining on what looks to be caviar. Lobster, even. Nice, Justin. He starts off giving Justin a hard time, but the boy gets all pathetic and Brian stops being angry. Then Justin gets turned on by the thought of Brian smelling (no really, he so does) and strips out of the bathrobe that he’s wearing, then knocks Brian’s own hands aside to strip him, too. Then they get it on, and it is hot, and I wont ruin it by trying to describe it. I will say that there is growling and a little rough. And hot. * clears throat *

One of those nifty little scene changes, and we are back in the Pitts, at Deb and Vic’s, where Justin will now be living in Michael’s old room. Justin is the picture of the bratty little brother, Michael is sputtering and Brian is laughing at him. Then Deb kicks them out so that she can explain the rules to Sunshine. I could definitely get behind Deb’s rules. Definitely.

Michael heads back to the doc, and tells him that he loves him. He really, really does. I think maybe, but he loves Brian more. He wont be moving in with the doc. No one is surprised. Not after the combo of MM and Michael’s true love and Brian kissing the shit out of him and finally telling him he loves him. He wants to know if they can still be boyfriends, and David says yeah, they could, but he doesn’t want a boyfriend. He wants a partner. As Michael leaves, close to tears, David closes his eyes and we get to see his fantasy from the beginning of the ep. Only I don’t know that Michael would ever read the Sunday paper. More like Captain Astro comics. Still, I do feel bad for David.

End of 110. Tomorrow, 111.
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