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qaf 108

I am here tonight to tell you a tale. A tale of three men, their lives, their dreams, and their fun in the gayest place in Pittsburgh, Liberty Avenue. Course, this is a long long tale that spans five seasons worth of episodes, so the telling will be going slow. I figure what the hell. It spaces out the fun, right? Right. :)

Today’s fun begins with episode 108, and it begins with Mikey talking to a coworker and finding out about a promotion in the works. It is possible for him to get said promotion, but he isn’t interested. Tracey thinks that he should be, but Michael likes the job he has now. Apparently he doesn’t need a pay raise. Wish I were in that boat. Tracey says that he should go for it. All he needs to do is kiss a little ass, and she bets he can kiss ass very well. Oh, honey. You have no idea.

Ooh! Dancing gay men wearing only undies! This must be Babylon. However, the real action is not happening inside the club, but out in the alleyway next to it. Justin is filling the guys in on his fight with his father and the threatening of military school. Brian is feeling flirty, and Emmett always wanted to go to military school. I doubt he would have lasted long. The uniforms would have messed with his particular style too much. Brian points out his cute little silver rental, and the boys ooh and ahh, though Justin just looks amused. Probably because he was the one giving Brian the ‘I like your shiny new toy’ blow job before they even hit Babylon. Too bad he wont be keeping it. He has to get a new car the very next day. Michael: Another fuck mobile? Yes, Mikey. Like he would get anything different. Then again, Brian could probably turn a horse drawn cart into a fuck mobile. Emmett teases Brian while walking up to Justin and kissing him on the side of the neck. Justin doesn’t seem to mind, but Brian suddenly gets grabby; pulling Em’s hands away from Justin and tugging him forward by the front of his shirt. Ah, the gesture that spawned a million and one jealous!Brian fics…

The two of them get all flirty, and Mikey takes that as his cue to leave. Since Ted appears to be the driver of this motley crew, he and Emmett leave as well, leaving Brian and Justin to be all cute and kissy on the side of Brian’s temporary shiny new toy. There has been much speculation on what is mouthed here, but a lip reader I am not, so the only thing that I can make out is Brian’s soundless “Come home with me” and Justin’s louder answer of “please”. They look so couply that I have to restrain myself from making that universal fangirl squee. You know the one. More flirty glances and then it is down to the business of getting in the car and going back to the loft and Brian fucking Justin’s brains out. I’m betting they don’t even make it to the loft.

My suspicions are proven correct-though definitely not in the way that I would like-when Craig Taylor pops out of nowhere and starts beating the shit out of Brian. Calling him pervert and child molester and all those happy nicknames you give the man who is “corrupting” your “innocent” young son. Justin tried to tell you, Craig, he’s the one who’s been doing all the chasing. Justin yanks him off of Brian and the guys run back up the alley in time to keep Brian from charging at Craig and administering a beating of his own. Emmett yells, “It’s his dad”, and that seems to stop Brian. At any rate he quits struggling against the people holding him and listens with the rest of Liberty Avenue as Craig gives Justin his ultimatum: either Justin comes home with Craig now, or never again. Justin chooses the latter, and then kind of freaks, screaming after his father as he walks away that he’ll never come home again. Brian gets him to stop screaming, but the easiness that the two of them had earlier is gone, gone, gone.

So where do they go now? Why, the diner of course! Where every gay boy goes after getting the shit kicked out of him by his quasi-boyfriend’s homophobe of a father. Justin is going on about what a hero he was, exaggerating everything, and Emmett and Ted are laughing at him. Deb-the person that Justin has been telling his little heroic tale to-tells them to shut up. Justin is traumatized. Yeah. He certainly looks traumatized, but he is still a teen. He probably doesn’t really realize what bridges he might have burned this evening. It’s fairly possible that he thinks it will all blow over, like the screaming matches I’m sure they’ve gotten into before, the ones that end with tears and the slamming of the bedroom door. Half of me is hoping that this is the case, but, well, Craig’s reactions so far aren’t an indicator that my hopes will be proven right.

Anyway, Deb is on a roll. Justin is traumatized, and it is all Brian’s fault. (Me: it is? Really?) Brian should have left the child alone. Oooh. Bad choice of words, Deb. Justin’s very indignant. “It’s not his fault, and I’m not a child, I’ll be eighteen soon. That means I can vote and get married and join the army-“ Emmett is amused, and interrupts with, “Hopefully not on the same day.” I laugh, and Justin’s impassioned little speech fades in the wake of Debbie, who says that to his parents, he’s still just their little Justin, and they aren’t ready to think of him sucking cock and taking it up the ass. This is totally true, for all parents of all kids, straight or gay. My dad will probably think that I am a virgin until the day I die, even if I happen to pop out a few chilluns of my very own. But I don’t know that he would attack my lover, either. Mikey thinks Deb is too graphic. I disagree. Brian says that he should sue, and Deb tells him to shut his trap. He’s caused enough damage. That’s just not fair, Debbie. Not at all. Deb goes to finish her shift and crashes to the floor. The guys get her up and back to her house, where PSA!Justin makes his triumphant return (this time I do squee, I cant help it. I love PSA! Boy) and Mikey learns that his family is in debt due to Vic’s illness.

Across town, Jennifer is learning what her darling husband did with his evening, and is finding herself furious. Craig is losing her her son, and for that he can sleep on the couch. Craig doesn’t want any fags humiliating him. Ha! “Guess what, big man?” Jen taunts, “They already have.” Damn straight.

At Brian’s loft, Brian is busy checking out his face and making sure there is nothing in the way of his looking pretty, and Justin is trying to rebuild the brief closeness they had before his dad blew it all to hell. Brian is pretty non-responsive, though, and Justin eventually gives up and gets ready to leave. Only he kind of has nowhere to go. He so played Brian right there, too. He knew that if he acted the smallest bit dramatic or pathetic about leaving, Brian would probably let him. So he acted all nonchalant about it. Brian says that he can stay at the loft, and Justin heads straight for the bed. Not so fast, dear. You get the couch. A disappointed Justin watches as Brian strips down to his wife beater and briefs, and then strips down himself, only to sneak into bed with Brian. He reminds me of when I was really little and I’d had a nightmare and would sneak into my parent’s room-all the careful movements so as not to shake the bed to much. Of course, considering Brian hasn’t had enough time to actually fall asleep, I don’t know why he bothered. Brian turns over and just stares hard at Justin, who doesn’t move-probably doesn’t even breathe-and then gives him permission to stay by covering him with the duvet and then rolling back over. Score!

Next morning, and Mikey is queening because Brian let Justin stay the night, and Brian is pointedly ignoring him and going over what kind of car he wants to buy later in the day (It really bothers me that Brian’s tie is the same solid red as the shirt he is wearing,btw). Mikey and Deb are a study in opposites on this issue…probably in all issues concerning Brian. While Deb blames Brian, Mikey seems to blame Justin. Why is no one blaming Craig? But we forgive Mikey this time, because what he is really queening over is the possibility that his mother might lose her house. Brian offers to help, but Mikey refuses. Brian is always bailing him out of trouble, ever since they were fourteen. Taking care of bullies, giving him answers to tests, not to mention driving him to the hospital when he got his first case of gonorrhea. Yeah, thanks, Mikey. I really could have gone my whole life without hearing that. He wants to take care of his mom. I am proud of him.

At school Justin is filling Daph in on his night. “First my dad beat up Brian, then Deb nearly died in front of us. And then, I spent the night at Brian’s.” Oh, Justin. You’re talent for embellishment is unrivaled thus far. Jen is there with Justin’s school uniform and books, making sure her baby is alright. She wants him to come home, but Justin wont. He is very curt with her and it annoys me. She’s pretty much the only family he’s got in his corner right now, and he could stop being a little shit long enough to be grateful, IMO.

Deb is supposed to be resting, but she doesn’t do that so well, and so comes upon Vic looking for somewhere to live. He thinks that she feels obligated and wants to be less of a burden. She doesn’t like that idea. Vic is right where she wants him and if he even thinks about moving she’ll have his balls. Then she serves some chicken soup. Doesn’t want to get rusty. I love the scenes between them so much, I cant express it.

Jen is on a mission. She barges into Brian’s office with all of Justin’s stuff. I think that it’s the underwear that gets him. She hands him a check because Justin is expensive as hell. Brian says that he’s not staying with him. Jen is all, “Oh, yes he is. Motherfucker.” Okay, she really doesn’t say motherfucker. She’s too WASPy for that. But it’s there. She is awesome. I would be scared of her, the mood that she is in, and I think Brian is, too, which is why he doesn’t say anything after his initial protest. And she got past Cynthia, which is no mean feat, I’m guessing. And I love how she gets her digs in without actually coming out and saying it. Go, Jen, go.

Mikey decides that the way to help his mom is to go for that promotion at work. So he starts the steps to do so. The current manager invites him to a celebration dinner and tells him to bring his lady. Uh-oh. Mikey immediately explains the problem to Emmett and Ted, and they urge him to tell his boss the truth. Mikey explains about Helga who keeps getting passed over for a promotion because she either looks like or is a lesbian. Nice people Mikey works with.

Brian returns home from his verbal beating by Jen to find the loft a mess with Justin’s school shit, the message machine playing Daphne’s voice asking where Justin is, and the culprit in question bopping around with headphones on, listening to Brian’s CD in one of Brian’s shirts. This make Brian no happy, and he lights in to Justin, who flinches every time Brian’s voice raises. He makes a point to bitch about the underwear. I knew that was the problem. :) Justin wants to get laid, but Brian says, “Not tonight, dear. I have a headache. And by the way, lights out by eleven.” Oh, my. I think that Brian is taking this rather well, don’t you?

Next morning and Deb is making a break for it. She gets the door open and who should be there but Michael. Vic is pulling out all the stops to get Deb to relax, like rope. Kinky. Mikey informs them that he is up for a promotion, and Deb is delirious with happiness. I really like Mikey here. He is stepping up and being a man, and it’s so very admirable.

Brian is shopping for a car with Lindsay, and Brian is cruising. Linds gives him some good natured ribbing about Justin, and Brian gets pissy. Then the sales guy comes up and assumes that Brian and Linds are married, simply because of Gus. They let him think that, and when Linds takes off and Brian expresses his interest in a jeep that looks exactly like his old one, the guy advises him against it because, and I quote, “fags drive it.” Right. I don’t know why they are letting this guy work the floor. That is not the way to sell a car. And since when do cars have a sexual orientation, anyway? Brian wants to take it for a test drive, and then he’ll look at a straighter model. And he does take the pretty gay car for a test drive – right through the glass window of the dealership. An expressive fuck you, to be sure, but also a costly one.

The next scene we are treated to is one of Mikey moaning while Dave massages him. Yep, could have done without that one. Mikey is tight, because he is having a crisis at work. He tells David that he is going to bring Tracey to his boss’ congratulation dinner, and David isn’t pleased. He thinks that Mikey shouldn’t be hiding who he is. Mikey says that Dave doesn’t understand. Mikey doesn’t have a choice. He cant afford to be honest.

Brian finally gets around to bitching about Jen showing up at his office. The guys are sympathetic, if amused, and Brian cruises a man with a shirt on that reads Hotlanta. He takes him back to the loft to find his kitchen a mess with Justin cooking jambalaya. The Hotlanta guy gives Justin some cooking tips, and then when Justin practically invites the guy to eat dinner with them, Brian gets pissed. He makes an example out of Hotlanta man. Has him blow him right there in front of Justin, even going so far as to open the partitions between the kitchen and his bed so that he can get the best view possible, staring at him the whole time, challenging him to sit there and watch, seeing how long he can take it. It’s cruel, and I want to slap him. Justin finally can’t take it anymore and runs out of the loft. Good job, asshole. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

Mikey goes to the party with Tracey after all, and his rival for the job is an asshole. He suggests that there have been rumors about Mikey’s sexuality, so Mikey winds up clinging to Tracey the rest of the night. Way to lead someone on. He gets the promotion, too, and then Tracey plants one on him, and he’s like, oh, shit. Double, triple shit.

The next morning, we find ourselves at the house of Mel and Linds. They are getting breakfast ready and making out, but they stop soon enough, because there is a young impressionable Justin sleeping on the couch. Guess that’s where he ended up. Justin thinks that Brian hates him, and Lindsay rushes to reassure him that he doesn’t. Justin tells Mel that she can’t say anything bad about him. Mel can’t talk. Justin goes to take a shower, and Mel starts in on Brian. But Lindsay wants the first crack. She calls Brian and wakes him up, and is pleased. Muahaha.

Brian shows up at Justin’s school as he is being harassed and takes him home. He agrees to stay there and starts to head up to his room, but his father stops him and tells him that he is not to do anything that hints at his disgusting lifestyle, esp. see Brian. Brian intervenes. “that’s not love. That’s hate.” And then he takes Justin out of his home.

When Deb finds out about Mikey’s promotion, she has a celebration in the diner, but Mikey is feeling shitty about the Tracey issue and leaves for a minute, where he sees Brian. Brian congratulates him on his promotion and tells him something he just learned from Justin: it’s not lying if they make you lie. If the only truth that they can accept is the lie. He then kisses Mikey and takes off, because he’s got someone waiting for him.

He heads back to the loft and there’s Justin, setting out the jambalaya from the night before. Brian sits down, and the two of them eat, sneaking small glances at each other over their food.

So ends tonight’s tale. Join me tomorrow for the tale of 109. * grins *
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