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Here is tonight's recap.

Another day, another episode of Qaf to recap. Today’s episode is 106, and we start it off with Mikey and Brian in a comic book shop. Mikey is whining about his date with the good doc, and bemoaning his horrible fate. Nahh, he’s really just looking for Brian to tell him to go back and see David again, which Brian does, after a whole lot of snarking. At first Brian seems to actually be paying attention to just Michael, but soon enough a potential trick crosses his path, in the form of the man behind the counter. He says something to Michael to get Brian’s attention, and soon enough Brian is only listening with half an ear as he eyefucks his new friend. But when Mikey buys Gus a wonder woman toy, Brian says that he will take it over, as he is heading to the girls’ house anyway, and as he continues his game of sizing up his next close encounter of the queer kind, offhandedly informs Michael that he cant accompany Brian as he has plans to visit the doc and make up. Now that Brian has told him it’s okay, Mikey runs back to Dr. Dave’s office and says that he has an emergency to get in, and apologizes. Dr. Dave tells him that he is adorable, and all is well.

On the street outside of Liberty Ave, Justin and Daphne are discussing how cool Justin’s mom is being about his gayness. Daph is jealous because her mother is a bitch and she hasn’t even given her a reason….yet. Justin spies some bracelets that he decides will be a symbol of his and Daph’s friendship, and then like a true friend makes her pay, because getting in to Babylon is way more important than having the money to spend on his best friend. Daph does cough up the cash for it, which is more than I would have done. The bracelets really are very ugly. Then Justin spies them. “Brian’s Lesbians!” Because apparently, lesbians can be owned, and Brian has a set. Wonder if they always come in pairs. He runs up to them like a little kid, and reminds them how they know him. They are both very friendly considering how they met him, and he even manages to get himself invited back to their happy home. Justin has powers, I tell ya. It’s that smile, and those eyes. Betchya anything. So he ditches poor Daph (who isn’t a lesbian, but is a big fan) to try getting into Brian’s life through his lesbians-bet he got them in that ‘buy one, get one free’ sale.

Ted is visiting Emmett at Torso, as Emmett is going through his new stock and finding out which outfits are trashy enough for him to buy. He says that he is out, and Emmett thinks that he means at work and is appreciative. I roll my eyes. Yeah, Ted coming out at work is as likely as Mikey doing the same. And I am so right. He tells Emmett that no, he is not out at work, but that he is out of the scene. All the clubbing and bar hopping is not for him, and he needs to find himself a man to settle down with, not to fuck. Me: don’t ever let Brian hear you say that. Ever. Ted decides with Emmett’s help that the way to find his Mr. Right is by going through the personals, but before he can get there he finds an ad for a dating with no danger of let downs at the center and Oh, joy! They have an over-thirty’s night. Emmett scoffs, and then tries to get out of it when Ted informs him that he will be going. Ted isn’t going alone though, and as best friend Em has no choice.

Brian goes to the Mel and Linds’, where he finds Justin drawing Lindsay holding Gus. But first he hands Mel Gus’ gift form Michael and tries to pass it off as his own, the stinker. Mel isn’t fooled. “We’ll call Michael later to thank him.” Hee. Linds is very impressed by Justin’s drawings and tells him so, even going so far as to show Brian one of him, naked and sleeping, which would be when Justin drew it. See, I told you that he didn’t spend the night on the couch. I am such a genius. Linds then tells Justin that he could show some of his work in the GLC’s upcoming art show, if he likes. Justin doesn’t know what the GLC is, because he’s new, and Brian generously lets him know that it is the “Gay and Lesbian Center. It’s a safe haven for fags who can’t get laid” and then he sticks his tongue in his cheek. Justin is excited about it, and Brian is relieved. Thinks that it’ll stop Justin stalking him so much. Right. He’s just making sure that he puts up his token protest to Justin being alive, so that no one will suspect that he might actually like the kid. Justin : don’t flatter yourself. Brian is not amused. Melanie, however, is. “We like Justin. Justin can stay.” Wonder if she’d still think that if she knew that Justin thought of her and Mel as “Brian’s”. Linds promises that Brian will be there for him. Brian mouthes, “Bitch”

Ted, Emmett, and the GLC dating exercise from hell. Ted garners the interest of a piano player, Emmett talks a lot about his “boyfriend” so that no one will want to date him, and neither one of them want to have sex with any of the people in the room. Why Ted thinks that this will help him find a solid relationship is beyond me. Sex is part of it, love.

While Emmett is occupied with Ted’s delusions, Michael is showing Dr. Dave his place and telling him about Emmett. David takes in the comics and Captain Astro, and once that is taken care of, he and Mikey go at it. You’ll just have to do without my description of this, because once was definitely enough,. Nowadays it is a scene that I fast forward through to get to Michael bragging about it at the gym. He is pleased with himself and his new beau, and Brian almost immediately starts the subtle jabs. Personally I think that it is just because Mikey is going on about what a fantastic lay David is and Brian likes being known as the best fuck in Pittsburgh. But then when it is suggested that they meet him, Michael admits that David isn’t really into the clubs and such, and Brian’s wind immediately goes up. He asks what David is into , and Mikey says his life. Ted compares him to Roger, piano guy from the center, and the resultant conversation prompts Emmett to tell the story of the movie The Mirror has Two Faces. I love Emmett. Brian says if you don’t have sex from the get go, you never do, and tells Mikey that he is happy for him. Ted’s words echo my thoughts perfectly: “the fuck he is.”

Back at Justin’s house, Daphne tells Jen how great she is, and then lets slip about the art show. Oops. They head over to the GLC, where some girl says that she likes their bracelets, and when Daphne says that they aren’t together says “I figured.” Justin, looking all shocked: You can tell I’m gay? GLCGirl: You’re here, aren’t you? You know, Justin, the GAY AND LESBIAN CENTER? Oh, such a moment of duh. Girl asks Daph for a soda and she says sure. Justin is shocked. “she thinks you’re a lesbian!” Daph wants to be one of the cool people, too. She is a freak, but somehow it works. Linds comes up to Justin and warns him not to expect too much from Brian. “Too much” being “anything at all.”. Nice. Justin tries to pretend that he doesn’t, but Linds knows better, and so does everyone else.

Mikey and Dr Dave decide to try out the nightlife on Liberty Ave together. David is odd about it. Makes mention of how he’s “saving Michael” from it, and says that it is all the same as it was before, but in a tone that suggests that it is not such a good thing. Michael finds out that Dr. Dave’s last lover died, and then Em shows up and tries to get the doctor to work on a kink in his shoulder for free. It doesn’t work, and then he sees a Matty McConaughey look alike and scampers off to see if he likes to smoke pot naked, too. Then who should show up but Brian, high as a kite and loving every second of it. Michael scampers off to get Brian some water and Dave comments, “You have him well trained.” Brian says that they look out for each other, then bluntly asks if David fucks all of his patients. Oh, right, like he cares. If Brian were a doc, he’d fuck all of his patients, too. He and David stare each other down and snark some more, and there is a lot of tension, and I’m thinking that they should whip their dicks out right now and stop beating around the fucking bush, but this is the sort of thing that can go on for a few more eps, so of course they don’t. Brian gets all pissy when Dave suggests that it is debatable that guys who go home with Brian and not Mikey are lucky, and then Dave tells Mikey that Brian hit on him, which I guess he kind of did. Mikey gets possessive, and Dave likes it. I try not to retch at the thought of how long this particular triangle is going to be dragged on,

Ted and Roger bond, and Ted says that he’s not ready for sex.

Linds tries to convince Brian to go to the GLC show, and Brian says no. Bet he shows up, though. And I really did think this before I saw the rest of the ep. I’ve said it before, Brian is fucked when it comes to Justin. Besides, Brian cannot resist the opportunity to see his own dick on display. At the art show, Justin waits anxiously for Brian, and Emmett wants to know if Ted and his man have gotten it on, yet. Ted says it isn’t the time. Em is disgusted. Even Mikey and David are there. Mel and Linds suggest the cute guys, but of course as soon as they do, who should show up but Brian. He does look hot, too. I hate that, because I still don’t like the guy. But hey, you don’t have to like someone to admire the pretty, right? Right. Daph asks if Justin is going to go say hi. Justin politely asks Daph if she is crazy. Daph doesn’t get it, but I do. Already Justin has Brian’s number, and he knows that to go up to him would kill any chance that he might have of Brian spending any time at this thing with him. Brian has to be the one to decide to come to Justin. Oh, is Brian ever fucked.

Linds has no such reservations, and goes to say thanks. Brian acts like he’s put out, but he’s smiling. Then he sees David and Michael and his eyes light up. This offers more time to fuck with their relationship. Yay! But not right now. Right now he goes to see Justin, who points him toward his stuff, in case Brian is interested. And it turns out that Brian is, because that is where David and Michael are, and David has just left Michael to go to the refreshment table. I think that David knows what he is doing, too. He wants to observe the two of them. Like bugs under a microscope. Brian moseys up to Michael, who is looking at the pic of naked Brian. Such a shocker. They snark about it, and then Mikey gets on Brian’s case about hitting on David. Brian says that he was testing him, which is such obvious bs that even Michael sees it. Mikey then uses it to whine about how Brian’s just jealous because someone finally thinks he’s hot or something., and I would appreciate it more if it didn’t feel like Michael was just doing it to get Brian’s customary reaction: telling Michael that he is hot and pawing him.

While this is going on, Mel is giving David the rundown on the Mikey and Brian show, thinking for some reason that David is with Brian. She says that she thinks this because Brian is always bringing someone around, but that is bull, because the only person that Brian brought around was Justin. Brian doesn’t need to bring people to these things, anyway, he just shows up and leaves with the hottest guy there. But whatever. It’s just to create more tension, anyway.

Deb and Em talk about what a Picasso is, when it comes to fixing people and emotions. I don’t see it. Sorry. My love for Mikey really starts diminishing around this point. Cant be helped.

Enter Jen. Here to see Jusitn’s paintings. She embarrasses him, but he will get over it. Mel and Linds tell him to be happy that his mom came. It’s huge. They are right. She sees the pic of naked!Brian, then sees clothed!Brian and realizes how old he is. And let me just say this, Jen has the mind of a true slasher, if the scene that she dreams up between Brian and Justin is anything to go by. Really, all Brian and Justin do in front of her is kiss, and it’s actually one of my fav moments this ep. It’s just sweet. But Jen is freaking, and Debbie knows it. So she takes her to Woody’s for a drink and explains that even though everyone wants Brian, no one can have him(Oh, how she will eat those words)…but on the bright side, they get over it. Most of them. She means Mikey, and I feel really bad for her, knowing that her son is hopelessly in love with someone who will never look at him the same way. Then she hands Jen a bunch of condoms, telling her to give Justin what he needs. Ah, a woman after my own heart. Jen’s eyes get big, but she takes the condoms. Smart woman.

Ted and his piano friend decide to get it on. Finally. They leave. Pics of naked guys are inspiring. They go to Ted’s, and Roger is trying, but all Ted can do is be bored, so he stops him. They fight, and Roger storms out. Ted asks if they can be friends, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Oh, well, Roger has horrible breath anyway.

Babylon. All the boys are there, as well as Daph and Justin, who are celebrating the sale of one of Justin’s drawings. The one of Brian naked, shockingly enough. Or not. Brian thanks Ted, Ted rolls his eyes and heads for the bathroom. Brian pulls Mikey on to the dance floor and away from David, so Em takes it upon himself to see if he can dance. He can, but he is distracted by Brian passing Michael some E. With his tongue. Eventually, he steals Mikey away from Brian and takes him home, where they start getting it on and David wonders who Michael is thinking of. Probably Brian. What? Everyone’s thinking it, so I said it.

In the bathroom, Ted sees Blake, who tells him that he called the ambulance and waited outside until they came, but left because of the drugs. Then he takes off with someone else, leaving Ted to be rejected by guy after guy until he sees Emmett. It’s good to be back.

Final scene and we are back at the loft, where Brian is getting his dick sucked, but is too busy staring across the room to pay much attention to it. A head appears, and hey! It’s comic book seller guy, still wearing his hat. Brian takes his hat from him, and pushes him back down to finish the job, barely even looking at the trick this whole time. He resumes staring across the room, and we get a look at what he is staring at. It’s the drawing that Justin did of him naked. So Brian was the one who bought it, huh? Interesting, though I don’t understand what I am supposed to be getting from it. Is he pretending Justin is the one sucking him off? Is he just getting as close as he can to sleeping with himself? Or is he (heaven forbid) pondering Mikey? I don’t know, and CouLip ain’t talking.

So ends 106. Tomorrow shall see 107!
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