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qaf 105

And today we go over 105, and maybe 106. Considering how early it is, that just might happen. :) I really need to find some more S1 icons...

Oh, 105. How I adore parts of it, and feel kind of like I’m going to throw up by others. It’s Brian’s loft, it’s morning, and there’s a giant and very hairy leg. Niiice. Every time that I think of this episode, there are two things that come immediately to mind, and one of them is the giant hairy leg of doom. Not such a great scene opener, IMO. But barring that, I think the point was to contrast to the Morning After(because you know that’s how the little sap Justin thinks of it. * grins *) that Brian and Justin had. First difference: the trick rolls towards Brian and Brian rolls away. None of that pansy ass cuddling for Brian this morning, kthnx. Secondly, their conversation pretty much goes like this: Brian: Who the fuck are you? Random Trick # 8997: I’m the guy you fucked last night. Brian: Oh, yeah. Were you any good? RT: * glares * Throughout this little display of morning after etiquette, there has been knocking on the door. Brian finally gets up to answer it, and tells his trick to leave. He opens the door, and lo and behold, it’s kerchiefed!Linds with Gus. Brian immediately grabs Gus, and okay, let me just say that it is very hard to dislike a man who turns into a puddle at the sight of his son. But I’m sure that before this ep is over, I’ll manage it. :) RT sees Gus, and immediately starts cooing and being all googly. Brian gives him his best WTF stare, and the guy straightens up and becomes all manly again. “We’ll do this again.” Yeah. You keep thinking that, sweetheart.

Linds tells Brian that if he would just try to get along with Melanie, he could come visit and see Gus. Brian: I don’t wanna, and you can’t make me. What? That is about the gist of it, promise. Linds tries to bribe him with dinner, and it kind of works, though Brian does make mention of the fact that the reason Mel hates him is because she thinks Linds loves Brian more than her…and she’s right. Lindsay’s deer in headlights look confirms it. Well, shit. I’d be a little pissed off too if that were the case.

Meanwhile, a the Big Q, Mikey needs help with inventory. Tracey generously offers to help out, and Fat Marley teases them. In this one case I have to agree with her. You know Tracey only said she’d help because she thought that if the two of them were alone, things might get hot and heavy in the clothing department. Too bad for her Mikey’s gay, gay, gay.

Speaking of gay, Jen does the dumbest thing in regards to Justin’s sexuality and takes him to see a shrink. Yeah, Jen, because it’s all mental. She thinks that he’s too young to know what he wants. I’m thinking that no one did this to her because she was straight. No one told her she was too young to know that. Because that is normal. * scoffs * Justin’s reply? “ I like dick. I want to get fucked by dick. I want to suck dick. I like sucking dick; * smug little smile as he remembers what a good time he had in Mikey’s room * and I’m good at it, too.” I think Brian would agree, sugar. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I. Love. This. Kid. Jennifer is speechless, and so is the shrink, which kind of makes me roll my eyes. I’m sure she’s heard worse than that. She’s a shrink.

Back to Brian, who is now at work and pitching to a client who is less than interested. His name is Telson, and I think that he sells tires. If I sold tires, I’d want Brian to make them sexy. What? I would. Unless I was Michelin, because their marshmallow guy is cool. Telson, however, does not want his tires to be sexified by Brian. Brian knows that this guy is shopping around for ideas, and then he will bring the best ideas to the company he chooses. Boss man tells Brian that it better be them, then, and storms out. This annoys Brian enough to bitch about it at the diner, in between bouts of mocking Ted. Mikey makes sympathetic noises and the rest of the guys don’t care. Deb asks the boys what their plans are for the evening. Ted admits that he is done with the clubs and bars after his brush with death. Emmett knows he’ll be back, and sooner rather than later. Mikey admits to having to be at the Big Q for inventory with Tracey, and both Emmett and Brian give him shit for leading her on. I think Brian needs to shut up until he stops leading Mikey through the nose. Pot, kettle, and all that. Brian gives Emmett a friendly smack, and Em says, “Don’t touch me.” Brian and I laugh.

At the Big Q, lovingly known in some quarters as the crap emporium, Tracey tries flirting with Mike (because it’s Mike to the people at work, Mikey to Brian and Michael to everyone else. I guess Mike = straight, huh?), and even gets him to reveal what a horrible geek he is. But when she tries to make the flirting more physical, Mikey freaks and in his haste to get away from her, falls off of a ladder. Yep, Mikey is smooth.

Woody’s, and a shirtless Justin asks Brian to buy him a beer. Brian declines, and Justin gets a little pouty, then starts talking about his fun time in shrinkland. Brian doesn’t care. Justin asks what his parents did when they found out, and Brian admits that he never told them. Then he spots his fun for the night–or at least the first round of it-and leaves Justin to ponder what he was just told. As Justin is pondering, Daphne runs up to him, apologizing profusely. Justin’s all, “Wha?” so Daph points. There at the entrance to Woody’s is Jennifer, and Justin does the usual and runs. I wonder where he’s going…no, I really don’t. Brian is leaving with the man he’s going to fuck tonight and Telson, who happens to be cruising as well, sees and is appreciative.

At the lesbians’ place, Lindsay takes a page from Brian’s book and uses sex to get what she wants. Namely, Mel to agree to play nice at the dinner Brian agreed to show for. Mel is more than reluctant. Hey, it’s “I don’t wanna, and you can’t make me” part duex. Mel eventually tempts Lindsay away from the conversation with the promise of some lovin’. Lindsay is more than ready to take her up on it. There is giggling.

Brian and his trick are now at the loft. They are getting ready to start the main event when who should run in the open loft door but Justin, the twink who wouldn’t quit! He’s freaking because his mom is stalking him, and Brian snarks. But the second that Brian just didn’t tell him to go the fuck home and push him out of the loft, I knew that he would be staying. But it takes the trick telling Justin to get out to make Brian actually take action. He throws the trick out and let’s Justin stay, and Justin’s all grateful and pretty and Brian immediately feels the need to let him know that he can’t do this again. They aren’t lovers, or boyfriends, or even friends. It’s very important that Justin gets that he doesn’t mean anything to Brian. I roll my eyes. If you have to say something more than once, you’re just trying to convince yourself, and Brian has said virtually the same thing four times in a row, now. Then he totally contradicts himself by walking back to Justin and caressing his face, only to back away when Justin goes in for the kiss, handing him a blanked and saying that he can stay on the couch, only for tonight, and if he jerks off on it he will be a dead twink. Justin is sad, but I highly doubt that he spent the whole night on the couch. Please. There is a lot of talk in the QaF fandom about when Brian passed the point of no return with Justin, or when he became first officially fucked. I think that was here. The second he didn’t make Justin leave when he ran in uninvited. Yeah. Brian was fucked. After that it was mostly Brian trying to keep control…emphasis on trying.

Next day I guess, Telson finds Brian to tell him that maybe he was too hasty in his decision not to give him chance. He actually would like Brian to show him a good time. But he’s hardly a sports fan. He was thinking something more along the lines of dancing. You know, like at Babylon? Brian: Christ, isn’t anybody straight anymore? Me: Nope, not when you’re watching QaF!

So meanwhile, Mikey has been having neck problems due to his decision to get off of a ladder by stepping backwards off of the fifth rung. Tracey suggests a chiropractor, and though he is at first reluctant to go, the pain he is feeling convinces him otherwise. He goes, and gets himself a stiffy when the hot (I personally think that one is a matter of opinion, because I don’t see it) doctor climbs on top of him to pop his neck. Or back. Whatever. Dr. Dave is cool about it though. He tells Mikey that it happens all the time, even to football players. I am not shocked. Guys get hard so easily. But later Dave tracks Mikey down and asks him out, saying that only the gay football players get hard when he mounts them. I still don’t buy it. See above. The upshot is that Mikey’s got himself a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.

Liberty Diner. Jen walks in, and it’s easy to see she is kind of freaking out. Deb recognizes her and asks what’s up. It seems Justin didn’t come home the night before (uh, duh, he was busy “sleeping” on Brian’s “couch”) and she wants to know if Deb knows where he may be. Deb doesn’t, but Jen looks like she could use a cup of coffee. Only Jen gave it up. That Country Club set, I’m telling you. Deb gives her tea instead, and more good advice. I really like her. There is much Deb love.

Jen takes Deb’s advice to heart and tracks Justin down at school. Justin tries to pull his patented fleeing move, but Jen stops that before it starts. “Would you stop running from me because I’m not running from you! I’m still your mother, and you’re still my son and I still love you!” Ah! I already adore Justin’s mommy. She is standing there, reaching out, and Justin actually responds. She takes him to the art museum, and while there Justin picks up a trick. Jen so knows that her little boy is getting it on in the bathroom, too. But she grits her teeth and ignores it.

When Brian takes Telson to Babylon, Telson keeps yapping about his family. Like Brian gives a shit. Though I think that it kind of disgusts him that Telson skips out on his wife and children while on business to take care of his urges. And now I am pissed at Brian, because why didn’t he feel the same about his trick in 102? HE was married, too, but it hardly mattered to Brian. Now he has issues with it? I think he just doesn’t like it because Telson’s old and ugly. Brian asks Telson if he sees anyone he likes. Telson says yep. Turns out it’s Brian. We’re all suitably unimpressed. Like we didn’t know that one was coming. Brian is definitely considering it, too. He tells Mikey and Mikey kind of freaks, and Brian ponders the idea of actually selling himself for the first time ever.

Back at Mikey and Em’s place, the boys learn of the date. When they find out where it is (some ritzy expensive place), Em decides that Mikey will not be allowed to dress himself and so does it for him. Only problem is, Emmett’s sense of style only really fits Emmett, so Mikey looks like a three ring circus. Predictably, he goes to Brian, who thinks it’s cute that Mikey is going on a date and so dresses him up again, only this time Mikey looks like Brian. And…well…it’s better than Emmett’s ensemble, but it still isn’t right. Brian’s style isn’t for Mikey, either. And Brian to me is acting kind of funny. I think that he dresses Mikey like himself so that he wont be far from his friend’s thoughts on his date. And the worst part is that Brian knows that he’s doing it. But I kind of get it. Mikey was all that Brian had for years, and Brian probably feels that if Michael isn’t in love with him, he’ll leave. So Brian keeps him hoping for that very reason. It’s still shitty to do, though. The date doesn’t go very well. Especially when Dave asks about the clothes that Michael is wearing, and Michael starts in on how wonderful Brian is. Dave asks straight up, Do you want him? And Mikey lies through his teeth. Good way to start off.

Brian ditches Mel and Linds’ dinner party to go and see Telson. Telson does kind of treat him like a hustler, IMO, what with all the orders to strip, now stop. Do this, do that. Yuck. Before anything can really happen (other than Brian dropping his jeans, which really isn’t a bad thing) the phone rings. Turns out Telson’s daughter broke her arm. He says he wont be able to make it back, and as he does this Brian takes a good look at himself and doesn’t like what he sees. At all. He decides that he cannot provide the services that Telson requires and leaves, bare-assed. Probably stops to fuck the bellboy on the way out, too. That’s Brian. He ends up at the lesbian house, and Lindsay forgives him because she can’t help it. She goes to get him dinner, and Brian winds up falling asleep on the couch with little Gus on his chest. Both Linds and I melt. Damn him.

After the date from hell, Mikey goes to give Dr. Dave a thanks for the meal bj, which he politely declines. Mikey gets pissed off and goes to Babylon to pout and “find someone who wants him” Maybe he should have been like Brian and fucked the waiter.
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