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San Diego Trip

Okay. The weekend in San Diego. In a word: Fun. In a very rambly lj post,

So the first day was interesting, between the getting lost five times and mum being completely random about where we were going to eat. Later mom got a headache and left me and Rach to our own devices, so we went to a nearby deli/market and got us some alcohol. But when we got back mom was feeling a little better and had gotten to talking with the valet, who told her of a nice little village downtown where they have all these little shops and such.. So we did that. We took the trolley, and because I am a dork I immediately began singing “Santa Fe” from Rent. Yes, I realize that song is sung on a subway, but I improvised. So there. The village was pretty cool, though. We walked around for a few hours and Rach found this face stuff that she loves and mom got some nasty gardenia perfume. Then we went back to the hotel and drank. A lot. Sometime during this Rachie called Gary, and we invited him to come up and spend the rest of the weekend with us in Oceanside. Then, soon after, we made our tipsy ways to bed. The drinking was really fun though because there was a deck on the roof, so we put on our pj’s and lugged up all our liquor and stayed up there until we got tired. ‘Twas fun.

The next day I could barely keep myself still, because it was the day of WICKED and I was very excited. We goofed off until three, which was when we were set to check into Oceanside, but I was a little bit pissy by then because we found out that we had only been booked for one night’s stay, meaning that Saturday we’d have to pack and go. This didn’t seem right as I knew that George had booked us for two nights, and even worse than that the staff was really rude about it, too. We found out later that there was another person who had booked a two bedroom for three nights, but they gave him a one bedroom and two two bedrooms for the same night, instead. Then they told him that he would have to accept responsibility for it. For their screw up. Needless to say, Lizz was a tad irritated. But still, WICKED! So we got ourselves all cleaned up and took off for the show. When we got there it was jam packed, of course, and they were selling merchandise out front. So of course we stood in line for the whatever that it took us to purchase our keepsakes and clothing, and then we headed inside.

Now, before I say anything else I have to say that I entered the Civic Center thinking that while I might like the play, there was no way it could possibly hold a candle in my mind to the original cast. This is the person who wants to be Idina Menzel when she grows up. But I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. It was amazing. Elphaba had this really original throaty voice, and when she hit those long notes, it was just gorgeous. And Glinda! So funny. Actually, the whole play was a lot funnier than I expected. Oh, and I definitely liked this Fiyero more. Mmhmm. Great voice, too. There may have been a little swooning. Maybe. But I’m not going to say anything else because I know I wont do it justice. I will say this, though: I would love to see it again. Afterwards we returned to the hotel and met up with Gary and drank some more. And mom made guacamole. Oh, how I heart my mom’s guacamole.

Saturday was the beach, and here comes a tale of woe and sorrow. At first it was a blast. The waves were coming in every three or four seconds and all three of us were getting pummeled. But then, tragedy struck. As I was getting out of the water so we could go eat, a wave swept my legs out from under me and I fell, hurting my wrist in the process. Twas painful. I think it’s sprained, so now I’m wearing an ace bandage and being the general gimp round the office. Though wearing one of these seems to be a great conversation starter. :D

And there you have it. The vacation. Aren't you glad that you clicked the linkage? Yes, yes you are. :D
Tags: friends, musicals: wicked

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