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So, yesterday I finally did it. I got vein raped. Yes, that's right. Lizz, who is terrified of the very thought of giving blood, donated yesterday. She sure did. I figured that since my fear of rollercoasters was taken care of, that it was about time I took care of another one. However, my fear of crickets will remain. *shudders* Not even going there. Nope. Nuh-uh.

So, I'm off today to the loverly land of San Diego, and tomorrow is Wicked! I so love going to plays and such, and musicals are even better. *can hardly contain herself* I really had to stop myself from bursting into a song and dance routine yesterday, that's how excited I was. I think that it might worry the one boss whose office looks right over at my desk, because sometimes I get hyper and have to dance. No wonder he kind of avoids me! :D

ETA: Do my mood icons move when y'all look at them on your pc's? Because they don't move on mine and they are supposed to...
Tags: musicals: wicked, vein rapage

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