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right, i think that i have completely lost it, if i ever had it to begin with. i was having a rather boring day, and was feeling kinda down, so what do i do to a) entertain myself and 2) keep myself from thinking about stupid shit? i opened my health book and started reading, and i followed that up by answering the questions at the end. what the hell? then i got a lil bit saner, and decided to watch the monk viewers choice marathon on usa, which was followed up by the season finale. sniff, i cried. it was so sad in some parts...tho monk was really funny while on the pills. sniffieness.


holly---bout the job thing? youre right, of course, but its so bluh, you know? when i think of the training i just kinda wanta cry...prolly cuz its so time consuming and i dont even get paid. bleh. oh well, i have decided that this will most likely only be until after the beach thing anywho, so its all good. after october ill look for something else.


in other news, i really really want a pool. i miss being able to swim whenever i felt like it. i love swimming, and when im a psychologist and making tons of money i will get myself an indoor one so that i can swim year round. yay.


buh, im thirsty.

Tags: fun: sea world, personal: work, school

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