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i have pepsi. pepsi = good.

in other news, i am rather bored, and grateful that school will be starting up soon. only not so much, because on thursday i have this long ass appointment thing, samd on friday and saturday. at least five hours each day. that is gonna be tiring. and im having doubts as to whether or not i can do this stupid job. what if no one ever buys anything from me? what if i really reek at it? arg, i hate when the self doubt kicks in. hate, hate, hate it...but what can i do, really? i need the money for october if nothing else...and that would be if i totally disregarded the birthdays of friends and family that are coming soon, and i cant do that. so i will go to the trainie thingamabob, and i will put myself through the torture of trying to sell knives, and then perhaps after the beach trip look for another job. yesss...
Tags: friends: birthdays, fun: sea world, personal: work, school

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