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Brokeback Mountain

So. Finally, I did it. Finally, I saw Brokeback Mountain. And I would have cried. No, really. If only I wasn't so damn sarcastic in my head. Kept making myself laugh instead of cry. But that doesnt mean that I didn't liek the movie. Far from it, actually.

Right. They killed Jack. Jack. Should have been Ennis. No offence, Heath darlin', Jake is just prettier. And the first sex scene kinda got to me. Not for being graphic, because it really wasn't too bad...but because there was no lead into it. It was just, hey, let's get drunk and fall asleep in the same tent, wake up in the middle of the night and grab each other's faces for a few seconds, then do it. I really wasnt expecting that. I guess I wanted more buildup. But I didnt read the original story so I dont know if that was the way it went there, too.

Um, I felt bad for Alma. Really bad. It was just harsh, her seeing her husband making out with another guy when she always thought that she was the only one. Plus, I imagine that it would be a bit of a shock to know that the man that you had had two children with was getting it on with another man. Make you think twice about having fun in the sack.

Was amused when Jack finally stood up to his daddy in law. Thought it was about damn time.

As I mentioned before, would have cried, but yeah. Too busy making wisecracks in my head, and not all necessarily about the movie. Do the same damn thing when I watch a horror flick. But I thought that the saddest part wasnt when Jack died, but when Ennis went to get his ashes from his folks and he basically learned that Jack had finally given up on him before he died. Ouch. BTW, the folks? Definately gave out the creepy vibes. Made me start thinking of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre family. Creepy.
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