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I am bored. Yeehaw. I am planning on heading into town a bit early today so that I can spend my pretty pretty B&N card that my sis got me, but I dont want to leave too early, because I dont want to be stranded in town with nothing to do. Of course, I have to think of the way that I get in bookstores, so I have a good hour and a half, at least. I think we're all supposed to meet up at the theater around six...of course, I could be wrong, as I deleted the freaking email with the time, thinking that I would remember. Me, remember something short-term. Sure. Ah, well, if I get too worried I can always pick up the phone. After all, they do exist.

Speaking of phones, guess who's back from Iraq?? My brother! He called earlier today. It's not like we're the best of friends or anything, but I am very glad that he's back. Supposedly, he and Carla will be coming down sometime in Feb. That should be cool. I'll finally get to see my little niece! She's already a year old, and I've never seen her outside of pics.

I smell really really good again. I think that I am going to get addicted to this perfume very quickly, it smells so damn good. :D

I feel twenty times better than I did yesterday. Damn headache. Headaches make me more ornery than any other kind of sickness. Harder to ignore than the other stuff, I guess.

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