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So tonight we went and saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and it was good. Really good. Followed the book almost completely. Hardly talked during this one, either...though that could be because of the weird kid who was sitting next to Rachel. He kept saying random things to himself. Only there was no one sitting next to him but Rach, and as we had no freaking clue who he was, if he was speaking to us there was no way in hell we were gonna talk back. :(

Of course, I almost cried when Aslan died, just like I do every single time that I read the book, but the problem with the crying jag was that the White Witch had this poop/vulture thing on her shoulder, and every single time it flashed on her, the crying mood was ruined. It didnt help that there was that weird kid there, and I guess Sarah had it even worse, because she was saving seats for Adam and Tam, and had to sit next to these rude creepy people, and the lady cried and wailed, "Why did he have to DIE???" at the screen. She said that it killed the mood pretty well. I believe it.

So now I'm happy, but I'm coming off of the good movie high that I was on earlier, and I think that pretty damn soon I'm gonna call it a night. I have to think of-uh, something. Shit. It only took that three seconds of watching freaking Futurama for me to forget whatever it was that I was saying beforehand. Uh, yeah.

Brokeback Mountain! Pride and Prejudice! Memoirs of a Geisha! Pride and Prejudice! Just a few of the movies I wanna see...

Disneyland in seven days, seven days, seven days. *thinks about dancing around in happiness, then decides that it's too much work and gives it up*
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