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Darcy, Darcy, Darcy...*le sigh*

In case you cant tell by the subject line and the picture, I saw Pride and Prejudice last night, and...*grins*

I am definately feeling the P&P love, but I wont say anything else, because whatever I say wont do it justice. All I want to say is that I talked much, much less than I usually do during the movie itself...and anyone who knows me will know that it means the movie was pretty damn good, as it's very hard to shut me up during movies...

Holly, luv, did you want to see The Chronicles of Narnia? Because we were thinking of going on Friday if you would like to come. Plans are me, mum, Geo, Rach, and maybe Sarah. You should come. It'll be fun. Anyway if you want to go we're going to get tickets for a later showing (like 7pm), and mom is gonna buy tickets online so lemme know soon, k? K.
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