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*whines* I'm booooooooored. Who, oh who will entertain me? *grabs random person in a death grip and pulls them next to her* You! You will keep me entertained, stay by my side forever and never leave me? *random person freaks out, rips from her grasp and runs far away, screaming* Jerk! Why do they never want to staaaaay??? *sniffles*

No really, I am that bored. It makes me sad that there is no one here who wants to keep me from going mad, mad...on the bright side, though, I am supposed to be going to the movies and dinner tomorrow...that is if I ever find out the times for both things.

Anyway, to pass the time, I challenge whoever reads this post to tell me five interesting or quirky things about themselves. I'll start:

1) I have a ring of pure yellow around my pupils
2) I talk to inanimate objects quite frequently
3) I used to practice crying in the mirror when I was younger, and thought that I wanted to be an actress
4) Randomly, I tend to burst into song, regardless of where I am or what I happen to be doing at the time
5) I like rice, rice is nice (aka I drew a huge freaking blank)

C'mon, you know you wanna do it too. Gimme something to work with, here! :D

ETA: Oh, man, my stomache is really bothering me. Hurting for no damn reason, and it's been like this all freaking day. At first I thought that I was hungry, but then I ate and my stomache still hurt. Grrrrrrr.

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