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well friends and neighbors, i am scarily hyper at this moment. no really. i dont know what to do with myself...and i have not one person to share my hyperness with. this is a sad sad day for me. night. whatever. i wanna jump up and down and bounce around...and have, but i think im going just a tad bit stir crazy at the moment...wah i need something to do. im getting to the pt where im seriously considering opening up my math and doing some problems...and that is a bad bad thing. but on the plus side, maybe itll put me to sleep, and then i wont have to worry about it...:D

why is it that whenever im reeeaaally hyper or in need of company, theres no one to talk to? arg. lately ive been feeling like i need to get out of the house, ya know what i mean? unfortunately, my cars gas level is rather low, so im stuck wonder im going crazy! and then i havent seen hide or hair of any of my friends in a few...weeks? i think, so im beginning to doubt their existence. *grins* i could have spent last weekend with the sarah, but my sis had surgery and so that kinda fell through. and this weekend shes going to the ren fair in big bear, i think she said. sounds fun.

okay, this is doing nothing for my hyperness, i think i will go find something else to occupy the time with...ciao!!

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