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Drabble-ish thing here, H/D

I finally post again, and I come bearing Drabble-ish substance. Whee!

Title: None
Pairing/Fandom: H/D, Harry Potter
Rating: Tame. Veeery Tame.
Summary: When Draco has chocolate, Harry knows what he wants.
Word Count: 182, like I said, drabble-ish
A/N: This is for enchanted_jae, who requested chocolate, a new kitten, and a pet snake/parseltongue. While I didn't quite get all of them spot on, I hope you like it. :D
Disclaimer: Right. That's it. I admit it, I am JKR, darnit, and I have always, always wanted to make Harry and Draco do the nasty...but sadly my editor said no friggen way. Really. Believe me? No? Good.

Whenever Draco came to Harry bearing chocolate and a smile, he knew that his more...specialized talents were required. It had happened often enough that Harry had stopped hoping that Draco might like a little variety once in a while, and today seemed to be no exception, for when Harry walked through the door after a hard day at work it was to see his boyfriend holding the box of chocolates out like a piece offering. He sighed heavily, rolled his eyes, opened his mouth and said, "Right. Where are you this time?"

A faint hiss came from down the hall, and Harry rolled his eyes again. "She's in her cage, right where you left her, moron," he said, moving past the odd blond and heading for his room, intending on having a shower, a hot meal, and bed...not neccessarily in that order. Draco opened his mouth, then shut it with a snap as another faint hiss floated through the air and Harry turned back, eyes narrowed, the appearance of chocolate suddenly making a lot more sense.

"Draco, what happened to my kitten?"
Tags: character: draco malfoy, character: harry potter, drabble: harry potter, pairing: harry/draco

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