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im tired right now, o yes i am...but i cant sleep. why is that, you ask? why, because its time for insomniacs on parade, with your host, me! yay. in all truthfulness i could go lay down and try to sleep...but i know damn well ill just lay there wide awake till round three or four in the am, and this is more fun than that. aaaanywho, school starts up soon, which is cool cuz im about going out of my mind with boredom here. but its also bad because it means going back to math, which i believe is one of the many forms of the devil. oh, yes, nothing that draining on the brain can be good, i dont care what the freaky mathmeticians say. but i think ill be okay this year, most of it will be review...which i really need. i also think that its time i start seriously looking at universitys and such that i want to transfer to. im thinking humboldt, cuz their psych program is really good, even if it isnt talked about much. plus its far far away, which is good, no matter what is implied in shrek 2, dammit. anywho, once that is figured out, i can start seriously working toward leaving.

i guess thats about it for right now...
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