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Title: None
Fandom/Pairing: Mentions of H/Cho, H/G, H/Hr, H/R, Hr/R, and H/D (Harry's a ho)
Rating: FRM
Summary: Harry's had quite a few first kisses. None of them very good. NOT HAPPY.
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, sadly, though I do so like to play with them.
A/N: I haven't slept in over twenty-four hours. This is the result.

Harry has never had much luck with first kisses. His first kiss with Cho was very wet-thanks in large part to her blubbering all over the place at the same time she'd attacked him with her mouth. The one with Ginny was definately better; he really only regretted that the whole common room had been there to see it. But he didn't like to think about Ginny much...breaking things off with her was not something he had wanted to do, and he was still smarting.

His first-and last-kiss with Hermione was a complete fluke. It had been dark; she had thought he was Ron. Sick of the way that they had been dancing around each other for years and afraid that they might soon run out of time to do anything, she had grabbed the tallish figure who she believed to be Ron and planted one on him...scaring poor Harry out of his wits. It wasn't that he didn't love Hermione-he did, with all of his heart-it was just that he loved her in a very platonic way, and kissing her had been what he would imagine kissing a sister might be like...but thoughts of sisters led back to Ginny, and he really didn't want to think about her.

When he kissed Ron, it was all about evening a score. Hermione, feeling guitly and more than a little horrified by who she had found herself in a lip-lock with the night before, had spilled everything to Ron the next morning, much to the embarassment of all involved. Ron had immediately gotten angry with the both of them, and accused Harry of messing with Ginny's feelings and Hermione of being in love with Harry. Of course he would have to drag Ginny into it; as if Harry didn't feel guilty enough for that one kiss-which wasn't even his fault! Now he had the added guilt of wondering what Ginny would think if she found out. Harry was so busy brooding that he didn't notice the argument raging around him, but he sure noticed when Ron grabbed him by the front of his shirt and kissed him. Hard. When it was over Ron was a very interesting shade of puce, and Hermione looked as though she were warring between smugness and horror. For Harry's part, he just spluttered incoherently until Ron let him go and Hermione explained in a halting voice that he had just wanted to prove that one could not kiss the way that Harry and Hermione had if there were only platonic feelings involved. Harry turned to Ron and informed him that what he'd been ought to have done was kissed Hermione, and then left them to it. From the way they blushed when he brought it up two hours later, Ron had taken Harry's advice and the two of them were finally together.

Kissing Malfoy never should have happened at all. Theye'd been dueling, but somehow both had lost their wands and wound up rolling around on the ground, trying to do as much damage as possible with fists and feet and teeth. Harry had been winning; he had been on top of Malfoy with his hands squeezing about a soft vulnerable throat and could practically taste the victory in his mouth, bittersweet, when suddenly their positions were reversed and it was now Malfoy straddling Harry, long fingered hands choking the life out of him and he thought to himself that this was it, Malfoy was going to let seven years of hatred rule his actions and kill Harry now, Voldemort would just have to be disappointed when suddenly he could breathe. Malfoy glared down at him, and Harry was suprised to see his eyes were shining with tears. "I fucking hate you, Potter," he hissed, and then his mouth was on Harry's, and for that one shocking minute Harry forgot Volemort, forgot Ginny, forgot everything except the feel and taste of Malfoy, who was kissing him almost desperately...and then Malfoy's hands were in his hair and his heaad was being lifted off of the ground and slammed back-and then nothing.

Some time after that, and Harry is waiting to receive his the last first kiss. He listened to Voldemort make a lengthy speech about how great he was, he saw Snape make a completely unexpected attack on Voldemort to try and free Harry-watching him die was one of the better parts of Harry's day. He sees Malfoy get his reward for bringing Harry to Voldemort relatively unscathed, and is quite surprised to see that even as he accepts the reward, Malfoy is crying. He witnesses the executions of his two best friends at Malfoy's hands and feels something in the back of his mind break, just a little, so that when the dementor swoops toward him and everything starts to grow cold and hazy, he tilts his head back and opens his mouth just a little, and soon enough he doesn't have to worry about anything anymore.
Tags: character: harry potter, fanfic: harry potter, pairing: harry/cho, pairing: harry/draco, pairing: harry/ginny, pairing: harry/hermione, pairing: harry/ron, pairing: ron/hermione

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