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See? It *is* possible for me not to write slash...a Remus gen fic

Title: None
Fandom/Pairing: HP, and it happens to be a gen piece, which translates into being something that no one will bother to read cause it doesnt have a ship and so can't be posted anywhere but here... :p
Summary: Remus, after Sirius tells Snape to go poking in the Shrieking Shack.
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: I actually AM JKR. I decided that the next HP book, which I have so happily entitled Harry Potter and the Joy of Gay Sex, isn't half as important as writing an admittedly horrible fanfic about Remus Lupin, and have therefore sat down to waste a good fourty minutes of my time writing this piece of drivel. Yep. Oh, and ever Wednesday at around four a.m., all the little piggies in the world jump into the air and fly. Really. (P.S. If sarcasm isn't your bag of tea, no, I do not own Remus Lupin or any other characters mentioned. At all.)

He couldn't believe it. Really, he couldn't. How on earth could Sirius have done this to him?

Remus lay in the Infirmary, feeling too weak to do anything but ponder how his best friend in the world, one of the three people that he'd really thought that he could trust, had just taken that trust and thrown it away so carelessly...and for what? Revenge? A chance to get back at Snape for something he may or may not have suggested about Sirius and James? Was that all that Remus was to him? A means of getting back at someone for a perceived wrong?

How could he? How could he? Hadn't he understood that what he was doing was wrong...didn't he get that while he and the others were in no danger from the wolf, Snape would be? That Remus could have very well killed the other boy, never knowing what he had done until the next morning when he was carted off to Azkaban for the murder of a fellow student? God, if James had been one second later...Remus swallowed hard and turned on his side, ignoring the screaming protest his muscles made at the movement. If James had been just one second later, the wolf would have ripped Severus' throat out, and that would have been the end of Remus as well...for even without the Dementors forcing him to acknowledge that he had killed someone over and over, he would never stop thinking about it...never stop hating himself for believing that he could be normal, could have friends and be happy. He had no right, being what he was. None.

Hearing a small noise behind him Remus turned quickly, uncusessfully trying to hide a wince at the movement and fully believeing that the Headmaster had just entered the Infirmary to tell him that he was to be expelled. It was an entirely ridiculous fear - Dumbledore had been by earlier to assure Remus that no one had been hurt, and that he would most definately not be expelled - but Remus had a hard time believing it. However, his fears were proven exacly as ridiculous as he imagined when through the door came not Dumbledore, but his friends; James tight lipped and furious, Peter bewildered, and Sirius...

Sirius was paler than Remus had ever seen him. There was no trace of his usual confident smirk, and his eyes had lost that mischeivious sparkle that had made so many Hogwarts girls crazy about him at one point or another. He'd looked frightened, and Remus couldn't help thinking, serves him right, the bastard before he firmly put it out of his mind.

"Moony..." Sirius whispered, and Remus flinched. The nickname, which he had always thought his friends' way of telling him that they accepted what he was and had often served as a comfort after particularly horrible transformations, was now only a reminder that one of those friends hadn't really accepted it, after all. Because if he had, he never would have thought to send Snape to find Remus the night before. He would have known better. When Remus flinched, so did Sirius, and next to him, James' glare got even more fierce. He looked ready to hit Sirius, and Remus suspected that that was the real reason that Sirius looked-and probably felt-so badly. Sirius might be Remus' best friend, but everyone knew that Sirius' best friend was and always would be James Potter. How much having James so obviously furious with him was hurting Sirius was apparent in his voice as he croaked out, "Moony...Remus...I-I.." He stopped and swallowed hard, then with obvious effort tried again, "I...oh, Mo-Remus, I'm sorry, really I am, I'm so-" And promptly burst into tears.

Part of Remus was admittedly both quite shocked and pained to hear Sirius Black-who had never cried, even when he'd been disowned-sobbing like a child, but another part-a deeper part, one that was usually uncharitable and hardly ever kind that Remus told himself belonged to the wolf, because surely he would never be so unfeeling-wondered coldly how much of Sirius' repentance was sincere...and how much was an act, garnered to gain Remus' trust and James' affection back. As he usually did, Remus banished the thought and quickly forgave his friend...but years later, when Sirius was arrested of being a spy for Voldemort and betraying Lily and James, he was hardly surprised. It was only a matter of time before he betrayed someone else he was supposed to love, just as he'd betrayed Remus, so long ago.
Tags: character: remus lupin, character: sirius black, fanfic: harry potter, pairing: gen

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