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Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: Memory

Rating: G

Pairing: Mentions of D/G and H/G

Summary: Draco can't compete with a memory

Written for 15minuteficlets word of the week challenge. First one, folks, go easy on me.

“Don’t go.”

Draco paused with one foot out the door, but he didn’t turn around, and Ginny knew that if she didn’t say just the right thing, he would leave, just walk out of that door and out of her life…and she knew that she couldn’t let that happen.

With tears running down her face, she flung herself out of the chair she had been sitting in when Draco had come downstairs and calmly announced that he was leaving and ran across the room. Latching herself onto his arm she said again, “Don’t go,” hating how pathetic she sounded but unable to help herself. She needed him here with her, why couldn’t he see that?

Draco turned slightly to look into her eyes, and Ginny let out a dry sob as she saw the anguish on his face. Gently, he took the hand that was clinging to his arm in both of his and caressed it, saying softly as he did so, “I have to. You know I have to. I love you, Ginny, but you still love him. If he were alive, that might be something, but how can I compete against a memory? A ghost?” he laughed harshly, and Ginny recoiled from that sound, jerking her hand from his and staring up at him with wide eyes as he answered his own question. “I can’t. What’s more, I refuse to try.” He gave another bitter laugh and ran his hand through his hair. Ginny could feel the tension coming off of him in waves and she wanted to comfort him, tell him that he was wrong, that there was no memory keeping her from loving him and there never was…but that would be a lie, and they both knew it. so all she could do was watch helplessly, tears still streaming from her eyes as he walked away forever, his last words ringing in her ears.

“I should have known, really. I never could beat Harry bloody Potter at anything I truly cared about.”

Tags: character: draco malfoy, character: ginny weasley, fanfic: harry potter, pairing: draco/ginny, pairing: harry/ginny

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