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Fic, HP, Ron/Draco with Voyeur!Hermione

Title: Right. I never bloody think of titles.
Fandom/Pairing: HP, R/D
Rating: Uh, PG-13? Mentions of sex but no real naughty parts.
Summary: Ron has been acting odd as of late; Hermione investigates and gets a little more than she bargained for.
Word Count: 1,116
Disclaimer: If they were mine, I'd be happier, because I would know what happens in books 6 and 7. Sadly, they are not, so I don't.
Feedback: Is the writer's crack. So yes, please. :D

ETA: Is no longer written as the fic for slashfest. I am trying to get the hang of writing R/D before I submit.

Ron had been acting off the past couple of weeks, and Hermione was the one who was elected to ask him about it.

It was hardly fair, really. Harry had looked at her and pouted with his big green eyes and trembling lower lip and said that there was no way that he could talk to Ron, the red head would explode and since they'd just gotten over yet another tiff about Malfoy of all things, there was more chance he'd lose it if Harry asked what was wrong with him lately, and please oh, please, Hermione, wont you just ask him?

Hermione had reluctantly agreed, and now found herself outside a very familiar door in Harry's invisibility cloak, following Ron and none other than Draco Malfoy to who knew where.

She hadn't been planning on following Ron this way; had in fact thought that she would just corner him and demand an explaination for his odd behaviour lately, but when she checked the Marauder's Map to see where he was and saw the dot marked Ronald Weasley practically on top of the one marked Draco Malfoy, her plans had changed.

Scared that one of her best friends was busy getting into a pissing match with the other boy, she had grabbed Harry's invisibility cloak and with the Marauder's Map clutched tightly in her hand, had made her way to where the boys were as fast as she could.

Now she was there, and it was weird, but there were no sounds of fighting coming from the room that found herself standing in front of, and she wondered as she hesitantly opened the door why Ron would choose to bring Malfoy here, of all places. She got her answer.

The first thing she saw when she poked her head in wasn't the two boys fighting, but rather their shadows...and from the look of them, fighting was the farthest thing from their minds. Shadow bodies were blended together, and shadow hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Hermione gaped at the wall, thinking that what she was seeing could not possibly be happening. Then she heard Ron's voice.

She'd heard it millions of times since they'd met, and she would recognize it anywhere, in any situation. Even raised in a moan as it was now, a soft, helpless sound that shook Hermione down to her toes and sent a soft curl of desire through her. Unable to resist, she started to peek her head farther through the door, then realized that anyone who was walking through the halls would be instantly drawn to a half-open door, and in a split-second decision slid all the way into the room. She was in an invisibility cloak, after all, so there was no way that the other two in the room would see her.

No that they would have noticed anyway, she decided as she stared at the physical embodiment of the shadows she had seen earlier. Both boys were quite wrapped up in what they were doing.

Two sets of hands slid and caressed sweat slicked skin. Two naked bodies arched helplessy under the touch of those hands...and two boys' voices rose as they reached their completion. Hermione watched the whole thing, her eyes running up and down both naked bodies despite the blush on her cheeks and the voice in her head telling her to stop. Heat pooled in her belly and her breathing quickened. She'd never been one of those girls who thought that two guys together was anything other than mildy disgusting, unlike Lavender, Parvati, and surprisingly enough, Ginny. She had pointedly ignored the three of them when they would go on about which boys would look the best together, thinking their conversation disturbing to say the least, but after seeing this she might have to rethink her position on the matter.

When it was over, Ron and Malfoy cleaned themselves off and moved closer together, this time content to just hold one another. They stayed like that for a while, and Hermione was just beginning to worry about how she'd get the hell out of there without them noticing when Malfoy buried his face in Ron's neck and let out a soft sigh.

"We'd better go," he said quietly, and Hermione thought she detected a hint of sadness in his voice, but it was gone so quickly that she couldn't be sure. Ron answered Malfoy with a sigh of his own, and then he pushed the other boy away gently and sat up. Silently, both boys put on their clothes and robes, pointedly not looking at each other as they did so.

When they were finished dressing, they smiled at one another before sharing a kiss that Hermione supposed was meant to be chaste but soon turned anything but, with Ron backing Malfoy hard against the wall, the shorter boy's hands in his hair and legs around his waist as he lifted Malfoy clear off of his feet. Hermione felt a small thrill go through her at the sight, and squirmed uncomfortably before realizing that she was blocking their exit from the room and moving as stealthily as possible to the side.

This time, when they broke apart, Malfoy headed determinedly for the door. Just as he reached it, though, he turned and smiled slightly at Ron, who gave back one of those wide, sweet smiles that Hermione would never have believed he'd ever direct at Malfoy. "Love you," he said, and Malfoy's smile widened into something beautiful. "Love you, too," he answered, voice just as soft, and then he was gone. Ron waited a few minutes, then exited the room as well, leaving Hermione to go over what she had just witnessed.

She knew that the two loved each other; even without the words it was plain in the way that they touched. It was in their eyes when they looked at one another, in their soft smiles when speaking. Hermione knew that this affair would more than likely end horribly; both boys had their familial responsibilities and she doubted that either of them would deviate from their chosen path...but right now they were happy, and she couldn't bring herself to begrudge her best friend the kind of happiness she had seen in his eyes tonight. Hermione wouldn't say anything, but if and when it all fell apart she would be there to comfort Ron, even if he never knew why.

And she most certainly wouldn't be telling Harry about any of this. If the idea of what Ron and Malfoy were getting up to didn't render him unconscious, the knowledge that they got up to it in the Room of Requirement certainly would.

The end. What did ya think? Be gentle, it's my first time writing R/D. I hardly mind constructive criticism, though, so if you have any, don't hesitate to share. :)
Tags: character: draco malfoy, character: hermione granger, character: ronald weasley, fanfic: harry potter, pairing: ron/draco

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