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Boredom and a fic rec

I am bored. Very bored. And in the mood to write. Hmm, while the whole being bored thing is not so good for me, p'rhaps it'll be good for you. As I said before, I am in the mood to write, but I have no ideas. Wanna gimme one? If so, leave a comment and I'll do my best to give you what you want. ;) I write both HP and BtVS/AtS, so hit me with whichever...but I must warn you that I am definately more confident in my Hp writing skills. Just so you know. yes, Holly, this means that I will even try a Hr/Snape ficlet for you if you like.

Anyway, I have a rec! AND, it isn't slash! I know, it's shocking, but what comes next might make you faint. It's...Draco/Pansy, and it's wow. Just wow. Practically perfect characterization of Draco, and you know if I say that it must be good, yeah? :) Draco's busy denying that he cares anything for Pansy, he really doesnt have the time anyway. Ah, hell, just go here and read it, it's good. *shakes head* It's amazing that I ever write anything passable, considering I can't even summarize someone else's fic.
Tags: recs: harry potter: draco/pansy

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