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Me being a horrible, greedy person...ignore if you don't like horrible, greedy people :p

So, I have this thing coming up. Happens once a year, and in my case July 15. Is called a birthday, and in the spirit of the birthday (greediness, that is), I shall be putting my Amazon wish list up so that any of you happy friends of mine who might find yourself in a giving mood can skip on over there and see what's up. *laughs* Actually, this is mainly for my darling space_meat, who said that she had no clue what to get me. So there you are luv. A wonderful spread of things. But pay attention to the notes! There are a few things that I have bought, or am expecting to get some other way. Unless of course you already have a plan for my bday...or there happens to be a Disturbed concert around that time. *Stops for a moment to contemplate the hotness of David* Mmmm....

Anywho, that's pretty much it, except if you happen to be checking up on this journal at all for fic, it might take a lil, as there are plotbunnies but nothing is more than mist in my head right now. :p I was on such a roll too. *sighs*
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