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Pondering and not so patiently waiting

So I'm sitting here, being my happy insomniac self, when Van Helsing comes on the movie channel that I am watching. I figure, whatever, I don't really care what's up considering I'm busy surfing the net and greedily reading all the info that I can on HP 6...but we'll get to that later. First I have to wonder: do actors in bad films think to themselves, "well shit, this film sucks ass" when they are shooting or do you think that they pretend it is good so as not to offend anyone? Or do they really think it is worth it??

Ah, whatever, on to the good stuff. I've been reading all that I can about the sixth HP book, and I find that I am somewhat less than patient about waiting for July. Arg, I wanna read it NOW!!! I don't give a flying fuck about deadlines and releases and all that jazz, it's done, now gimme! *glares* Kay, what can I say, I've no patience for anything I want. This is just one of those times when I just have to grit my teeth and content myself with re-reading all the other HP books for the fifth time (Well, except for Goblet of Fire, cuz I really, really hate that one; it'll only be my third. :D). But it has to be said that I know I'm gonna feel like a moron when the sixth book comes out and the connection that JKR talks about with book 2 is so glaringly obvious and yet I couldn't figure it out beforehand. *sighs*

Gah, I am SUCH a procrastinator, I swear. I have to write two drabbles for stagesoflove, one of which is late, and I haven't even started. Sometimes I hate RL. Hate, hate, hate...but only when it interferes with other commitments! *laughs*
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