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Of boredom and writer's block

So, today was alright I suppose. Went down to the Tortoise Day thing, saw that it was even worse than last years. Got a teryaki bowl (which was definately of the good and yummy, oh yes), talked with the Tiffany shaped person, then went home. Oh, and got stuff for chocolate chip cookies, which I have been craving for a while now. Think I might just take some to work, so they can experience the yumminess for themselves.

Am heading into town on Tues to get some stuff done, and hopefully buy Phantom of the Opera. Haven't seen it yet, but I'm reasonablu sure that I will love it, so no problem there. Bought A Series of Unfortunate Events Saturday.

And am having the worst case of writer's block. I have a ficlet due tomorrow for stagesoflove, subject wrath, and I have started it quite a few times...only to delete them just as quickly. It's frusterating.

Am watching Dracula right now. Hm, I didnt know that Gary Oldman played Dracula in this movie. He looks...rather good, actually.

I am so BORED right now. I'm usually good at entertaining myself, but at the moment that is no doing, as I'm all jumpy. Prolly all the chocolate, but so totally worth it.

Oh, and check out the icon. *points* I have wanted an Illyria icon for practically forever, and lookie, there one is! Made by literati. Tee, I really need to find a way to make icons, cosidering I have a cool WinDVD capture thing on me laptop...
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