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I got my money! I got my money! *does happy dance* Do you know what this means? It means that as soon as I figure out the loan stuff, I am so totally going car shopping! I got my money, I got my money! I'm just a little happy about this, seeing as the whole going without a mode of transport thing sucks gynormous balls. I also got my income tax return today, and the urge to spend it is tempting as hell, but I refuse to think about it until the car thing is resolved.

Tortoise Days is this weekend, and I'll prolly be putting in an appearance this Sunday. Holly, you should too! And tell Rach to come as well. Even if we dont stay that long perhaps we could rent a movie and order pizza and veg out here or something. I need communication with people other than my family!

I still havent gotten my Angel, Season Four DVD. It was supposed to be here by Friday, but it obviously hasn't shown it's lil face, or I wouldn't be bitching here, would I? I've decided to wait until this Friday, and then I'll put in a complaint with Amazon.

Oh, man, am I ever going to hell. As if reading Spander and Wangel wasn't enough of the dead gay lovin', I now seem to have developed a penchant for Xangel(us). Story 'Nexus', by Raksha? Made me fall in love with the damn pairing. All I can say is wowsa. Wonderful, amazing, heart-wrenching fic. I adore it, and I already want to read it again. Kept me up till five am with 300+ pgs of absolutely amazing fic. Usually I get beyond bored with long fic by the 50th pg...not so in this case.

Anyway, that is my life. Oh, both 'The Darkness' and 'Lemony Snicket's ASOUE' come out this Tues. Will rent the former, and prolly buy the latter this Fri. Right now am watching 'Dawn of the Dead', which has got to be the funniest scary movie I have seen. No really. Down With the Sickness in jazz? The berries. The absolute berries!
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