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Gauntlets! Scores of gauntlets! Oh, and snow cones in hell...

I find myself in a smallish delimma. I am considering going to the circus tomorrow, as I have been going crazy in my house with no car to take me anywhere. But I have a mini problem.

On the one hand, I have the opportunity in seeing people that I would definately like to catch up with, and who hopefully would like to see me as well, considering I haven't spoken with them in at least a month. On the other, I have the other friend. The one who just got a bf and prolly wont cease rubbing it in the whole night, if she bothers to show at all. Torn, I am. Yoda I also am. Teehee. Some help would be nice, but my normal helper in these delimmas doesnt appear to be online. Buh. Looks like I'm pondering this myself. This could get rather interesting.

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