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Ficlet. Mentions of Hr/Ron, Hr/D, H/D, and dark

Title: Demented Draco

Author: Me, random_glitch

Pairing(s): Mentions of Hr/Ron, Hr/D, and H/D

Rating: R

Warning: Um, rather dark. Yeah. If you read my fic Twisted Obsession, it's like that. No niceness here.

Summary: Draco has a few thoughts he'd like to share with the class.

A/N: It's early/late, I'm tired and rather cranky. My not-so-nice-and-fluffy side came out to play. 'Nuff said.


Draco has fantasies, visions, dreams.

Fantasies of chaining the mudblood up and fucking her against a wall. Listening as her cries of terror become moans of helpless pleasure, watching as her struggles to free herself become attempts to get closer, feeling as the trembles of fear fade into a delicious orgasm. Of doing her over and over until she is broken and gagging for it, then snapping her neck when he's through.

Visions of making the Weasle watch it all, forcing him to witness his girlfriend turned into a pathetic mass writhing for Draco's touch. Seeing his muddy eyes fill with hatred as he watches Draco thrust himself inside her very willing body, her begging helplessly and clawing at whatever surface her chained hands can reach as she acheives her own dirty pleasure from it all. Draco smirking as he sees the boy get off on it despite himself; get off on seeing his hated enemy do things to his girlfriend that he would like to do but cant. Perhaps letting Blaise fuck him as well; the odd boy always had a thing for the redhead. Torturing him with the scene of his beloved's last moments and when he is finished crying and cursing and trying to get away, bludgeon him to death and dump there bodies in some remote location.

Dreams of Harry. Of sweat slicked flesh arching into his mouth and hands and soft cries of pleasure. Of seeing his face flushed and eyes dilated in helpless love. Of taking him over and over again and allowing himself to be taken. Sweet and slow or hard and fast. Of days spend lazing in bed, making love.

Of telling Harry of what he has done and watching those eyes turn from loving to completely cold in seconds flat. Of knowing a split second before Harry reaches for his throat that he is going to die, and die by the hands of his own personal tormenter, his love, his everything. 

Dreams of the satisfaction of a job well done as Harry breaks before his eyes, turning into a shell of what he once was, and what he could have been...just before his vision goes dim and his life runs out.

No one, but no one rejects Draco.

Tags: character: draco malfoy, fanfic: harry potter, pairing: draco/hermione, pairing: harry/draco, pairing: ron/hermione

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