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If I had a tumor, I'd name it Marla

So last night was fun. Went with the Sarah and the Sean to see The Incredibles, yet again, and I still love it muchly. Cannot wait until Tuesday, when I shall buy it and it shall be mine forever.

I was supposed to go to some demo thing that she and her fencing group were putting on this weekend, but after shopping for the wedding I was too tired. Buh. So no seeing of the Sarah today, and prolly not for the next few weeks. Ah, well.

Still sick. *pouts* Fecking cough. Pain in the ass is what it is. Is it just me or does the weekend go by really really fast?

Oooh, and I got WTF? icons! *beams* They were made by suki_blue and I adore them both. Everyone needs a good WTF? icon, and now I have two. *is happy*
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