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Just so I dont forget later and cant find the damn thing when I need it.

Some of the most wonderful Buffy and Angel fanfic I've read yet can be found here.

Wow. It totally hits the spot, for whatever pairing youre in the mood for. Seriously, this author has written plenty of pairings, het and slash, and pretty much all the stories I read I lurved. Oh yes.

Oooh, while I'm at it, I want to remember jackson_rayne's fic as well. Yet another wow. Her stories, both HP (only one right now but I'm hoping for more :p) and Buffy, are simply amazing. Wonderful ability to grab your heart and twist it...I am in constant envy of her writing ability.

Ah, hell, while I'm at it I might as well just make a lil fic rec's list. Forewarning, all but one shall be Spander, bacause that is what I'm currently reading, but I cannot make a recs list and pass up ladyvader, who writes such wonderful H/D and whose fic always reminds me why H/D is my OTP. You can find her H/D goodness wont regret it.

Kay, onto the Spander.

Fairy Tale Skin by Kay Tee is a wonderful read, for me mainly because it has the angsty moments and such, but with a happy ending...and I so love that. :)

Also by Kay Tee there is Guilt, Horror, Love. Go. Read.

I also suggest that you visit Twilight's Fiction Page, because there are some great reads there to. Definately check out 'Theories', simply cuz I say. :D

Now as a rule, I prefer my Spander to be rather schmangsty, with a happy ending of course, but if you're in the mood for something lighter I'd go with MichelleShelly's It's an Adventure. Wonderfully funny and no real angst or drama that I saw. Seeing skittish!Xander is definately worth it, trust me.

Another amusing fic would have to be Spikedluv's Mission Implausible. Read it, if only for the Xander in red leather pants. Oh, yes.

Want by Shanyah is another good read, though its less on the funny side than the other two. It focuses on what might have become of Xander had he left the Scoobies early on, and what might have become of Spike had he done the same. I adore this fic to pieces, if only for that amazingly hot club scene...or the snark that goes between the two of them as they vie for dominance...or...well, you get the picture, I suppose.

The Bet by Margie. Overall really sweet. Xander really really shouldnt make bets, I suppose...or should he?

And last but most certainly not least (for the night), is Seeing Beyond Imperfections by Melissa. Guh. In which Xander gets visions and a way to see Spike that no one else has, which is...actually seeing him. I cannot do this fic justice, I will mess up the description and you'll go away thinking, 'Yeah, I'm gonna read that. NOT!' But really, you should. The ending is a bit sappy, but who am I trying to kid? I adore sappy endings. So do me a favor and ignore the babble of a summary and just check it out. If you're sorry you did I'll stand perfectly still while you fling rotten veggies at my head. I will.

So that's it for tonight. And in completely un fic related news 'Saw' is a pretty good mindfuck, watch it.

ETA: Ooh I like my mood themes. I'm having so much fun tweaking them to get rid of the Spuffy, and either focus solely on the Spike, or the yummy Spanderness. Le sigh.

ETA the second: More wonderful Spander, as well as some Angel/Wes can be found here. Wonderful recs page as well. It makes me happy to have so much vunderful Spander right at my fingertips. Trust me, there will be more later...
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