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Oooh, look! Bags!

Under my eyes, that is. I havent slept properly since Thursday night. Granted, I had much fun most of the time that I wasnt sleeping, but it's starting to take it's toll. But I'm still too excited about my new mood theme to be too upset by the lackage of sleep. I luuurve Spike. *sighs*

So, today I saw Boogeyman. Not that great. Good for a laugh though, which is always a plus, though Ang decided to invite John, which kinda put a damper on things. Surprisingly enough, we actually managed to be civil. I know, I'm shocked too.

Am going to see Hitch this weekend. Should be fun as the movie looks pretty good and I will be with friends...hopefully more decide to show up than usual. I'm beginning to think that half of my friends have dropped off the face of the earth. No, really.

I should probably get to drabbling for my stagesoflove entry of the week, but I'm feeling too tired to think about it. No good fic will be coming out of my brain this night. Oh well, yeah?

Also, I do like my moodtheme, but there's waaaay too much Spuffy for my comfort. Have to find some with more Spandery goodness...or at least not Spuffy. Ick.
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