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One, two, Freddie's comning for you...

So 'Hide and Seek' wasn't half as scary as the commercials lead you to believe...but it was still a pretty good mindfuck, methinks. Had a good time watching it, at any rate. Had fun with the Sarah on Friday, catching up and seeing what's new and old and all that good stuff. Bought a few books and a movie, so that's good as well. Got home late with a raging headache that tells me that I should probably be sleeping more, but do I pay attention? Nahh, life's to short to sleep. NOT! Spent most of the day in a daze today as a result of finally sleeping. Am quite glad I had no plans or guests or anything to keep me from being lazy all the day through...Holly, your idea to postpone the Friday thing to next week was perfect, thank you, thank you. Hopefully your plan to study worked out and you will ace your midterms. Will probably be going to Bakersfield on Friday with mum, could be fun. Have to get my brakes checked and most likely replaced, as they have begun making the strangest noises lately. More money gone to the car. *glares* And gas pries have gone up again! Arg! *shakes fist* Curse you, gas mongers, curse you to heeeeell! Yeah, I'm slightly off tonight, but no bother, as a result there's rambling, and I have it on good authority that at least one person enjoys my rambling, so there!

And I'm off, will probably add more later...if I dont get caught up in something else, that is.
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