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"It's not like the boy was anything but the snack of the century. And a great shag. And easy on the eyes. And funny. And... Oh fucking hell, mate! You're not going down that road again. Have some dignity! It's just not natural to start making a move on the French fries." ~from 'A Union of Heaven and Hell' by Mihreia


Too funny, in my personal opinion.

I'm getting rather sleepy...and it's only two am! Yess! Progress! Teehee. I have movie day tomorrow, should be rather fun. I'm bringing Saved and Stepford Wives, and hopefully we have time to watch em so that when I start randomly quoting either one my friends know what I'm talking about...not that they do usually, but hey, a girl can hope, yeah? And you didn't read my fic, Holly?? *looks crushed* That makes me a sad panda. Not really. I'm actually rather afraid to go back and read it may be too bad for words...and then I'll have to force myself to leave it up in reminder of what happens when you follow the cute lil plot bunny at three am. Baad, baad things. I seem to be in a babblish mode again tonight, but I will not follow the urge to type forever. Nope. Bedtime for me. This is a test. This is only a test. Do not let it trouble you young mortals atall.
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