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You seem to have gotten into the icing again

(Written at 2 pm this afternoon) Last night I saw Ocean’s 12 for the third time with the Sarah. I had a blast. That movie really is good, and I do believe that I will be buying it when it finally makes its way to video. Oh, yes. But it does annoy me that Brad Pitt’s character is always shoving something else in his mouth—not like that, pervs!

So then we went to Denny’s…but the service sucked and the lettuce was brown. That’s just ugth. Ugth with a side of ugth.

On the brighter side, I may be going into town this Friday to see The Phantom of the Opera, which I have wanted to see for simply forever. Oooh, and Applebee’s! Yum.

Okay, right now there’s this ’40 Awesomely Bad No. 1 Songs’ that is showing on Vh1, and you wanna know something? I like most of the songs that they’re saying are horrible…but that’s pretty much how it always goes, right? I love watching these shows, but you know damn good and well that the very same people who are knocking the stuff now were supporting it just as eagerly before. Ooh, they have The Spice Girls! * immediately launches into bad renditions of the two Spice Girls songs she knows * And they have Cher, and Shaggy, and Markie Mark! * dies * Okay so I don’t like all the songs, just most, I said. :D

The rest of the day was okay, I suppose. Though I am very tired and in bones ache. Yuck.
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