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So mum and Geo are watching the Jesus Movie, a.k.a. The Passion of the Christ, when I first get online. I'm just checking out my flist when I see this icon that cracks me up, so of course I start giggling maniacally. Well, as it turns out it wasnt such a good time to giggle like that, as right then Jesus was getting the shit beat out of him and my rents thought I was laughing bout that. Got a Look. Speaking of which, I turned to check out what was going on during the movie at the completely wroooong time. It was on this really really weird scene where there's this lady holding a baby, and the baby sloooowly turns around to watch Jesus get beaten, and then he smiles this creepy smile, like he's enjoying it. Not the best thing in the world to see. *shudders* Fuckin creepy babies.

In other news, life is okay I 'spose. Just found out that George will more than likely be staying home for the new year, so that kinda puts a damper on my plans for a parent free new year. I'll be so so so happy when I get enough cash together to move out, just so I can have my alone time. *sighs*

Other than that, not much to report. Tried to see The Darkness on Saturday, but twas sold out. Will perhaps see it on Thursday, depending on the cash flow at that time. Yeah, that's about it, yo. :D
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