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here i go again on my own..

two updates in as many days? wowsa. but i have an actual topic of DISCUSSION for today. really. its about the hp books. im re-reading them for like the fiftieth time(except the fourth one, i hate hate HATE that book), and i have realized that i really really loath harry. not so much in the first few, but by the fifth i just wanna kick him. hard. maybe hex him as well. and then go snog draco. hes such a shit. all this whining about how life is so unfair to him and hes done all this great stuff and no one tells him anything and why oh why wasnt he made a prefect? like you werent made a prefect because youre a prat! arg. and then theres the fact that hes favored above all hogwarts...which really makes me dislike dumbledore. what really irks me is that in the first book, dumbledore gives the last minute points to gryffindor at the freaking leaving feast, instead of awarding them beforehand. i mean, im not saying that harry and co. didnt deserve the points, but did dumbledore really have to be that much of a jerk about it? heres all these kids thinking that theyve won for quite a while, considering harry was laid up in the infirmary for a long time, and then, AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE, dumbledore takes that acheivement away from them...and in front of the whole school as well. i dont blame slytherin ppl for going to the dark side...if i was witness to such obvious favortism i wouldnt want to be on dumbledores side either. speaking of dumbledore i have my own suspicions about that bastard, lemme tell you. i think that hes either helping voldie or at the very least manuvering harry into a position where the only person he has left is that manipulating old geezer. arg again. and something odd that i just thought of: why did dumbledore let harry participate in the triwizard tournament? honestly, it was specifically stated that there could only be one champion from each school...but its just fine if harry does it too? he didnt even pass the age requirement, for goodness sake. dumbledore had to know that there was some sort of plot, but did that stop him from saying "go ahead, harry, oh wonderful boy who fucking lived, kill yourself! woohoo im being all mysterious and all knowing"? no, it didnt.

in case youre wondering, my fav character in the books is draco. yes it is. i love him, even if he is a smarmy git whos biggest ambitions in life are to piss off harry potter and lick voldys boots. its actually funny, because i really hate draco in the movies...prolly because one of my friends has an obsession with the guy's earlobes. weird girl. either way i now have this irrational hate for him. kind of like the ken jennings thing. meh. and i dont mind harry too much in the movies...but that could just bebecause he got really nice looking. whatever. my fav movie character is ron. that kid is just too adorable, i want to pinch his cheeks. but i dont much like ron in the books either, tho i do think that he gets harry better than hermione does. hes way too freaking angry...and jealous. ugth. um, somewhere along the line i think i lost my rant, but no biggie, i think i got my point across well enough, dont you? either way im done.
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