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*Jumps up and down and claps hands like a little girl*

I'm going on a fieldtrip tomorrow! Yeehaw! I like feildtrips verra verra much. Tomorrow I go to Bakersfield to pick up a freind who went to Utah with the Job Corps people, and is coming home for the holidays. Though I'm not so sure how this freind will react to seeing me, as we parted on kinda tense terms. The Nang says that he is angry no more, but I say that tomorrow will tell the story. Nahh, I'm pretty sure he's not pissed still, as this particular person was never very good at holding a grudge towards me, for some odd reason.

In other news, I hope to see the Sarah this Friday, if she doesn't leave that day for the visit with the mum and dad. We need to catch up on lotsa stuff, and her love life is always interesting to hear about. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm living vicariously through her and should go get my own love life, but I haven't the time or the energy to find a guy who I like and who can deal with me, so blah.

A Series of Unfortunate Events comes out on Friday as well. I can't, can't wait to see it!

Right now I'm halfway watching LotR, Two Towers and I hafta say that I ab-so-lutely adore Aragorn...and I wanna lick Legolas' ears. O-o-oh yeah. And that Eomer dude...MmmMmm. *licks lips* I love both Sam and Gandalf as well, but that's not the same thing, lemme tell ya. And I hate Frodo. Grr. Whiny little shithead. Oh, and I want a mini Gollum to put in my pocket and take out and watch him run from Precious...teehee.

Yeah, well, that's all she wrote for tonight...
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