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Major sqeeage going on right now

I'm slightly happy. You see, the wonderful and talented space_meat made me the icon you see right in front of you. See, my personal OTP has been Harry/Draco for years now, and even though she personally can't stand it (or so she says, but trust me, I'm working on her! :D) she made me this pwetty icon, with a line from one of my personal favorite songs. I luuurve her very much, I say!

In other news, I now have a friend's filter, which makes viewing all my friends ever so much easier, as with all the groups I'm in my flist is rather full. Me like.

I also got the Breaking Benjamin cd. It's pretty good, which makes me happy as I only knew two songs before I got it. I like when things work out like that.

And hey, Holly, are we gonna do a gift exchange before the Sarah takes off or no? Lemme know when I need to get my presents wrapped! *laughs*


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