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The pink giraffes are eating my ears...

Teehee. No, I am not high...or drunk. The above statement is actually one I made a long long time ago, in my bolt tagbook. I havent been there in forever, but that line was always too funny(to me) to pass up.

Aaanywho, I am pretty good today. I have almost all of my christmas shopping completed, so I wont have to fight too many crowds. Yay.

Dude, I have been sucked into the evil of 'Date my Mom', a new MTV show, and today there was an episode with a gay guy. I immediately went all psycho, clapping my hands and saying, 'how cute!' *rolls eyes* Sometimes I do worry about myself, mate.

Im prolly gonna go get my hair trimmed, and maybe highlighted, this week or next. I'm debating on the color, but I think Ill definately go with the trim. My poor hair needs it.

Well, thats about all I have time for, as the guy is making his decision, and I hope hope hope its the flamboyant singer-man that I like...

ETA: Uck, he picked one with v., v. scaaaary eyebrows. Not as bad as Jack Nicholson's or The OC man's, but...*runs and hides*

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