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i am one sleepy person this evening. last night i went with ang and john to visit friend terri, who came back with her fiance for her wedding. i had a pretty good time, except said fiancee ignored me pretty much the whole time in favor of ang and john, simply because i was not the other half of a couple. it kinda got to me, cuz ive never been blown off for that particular reason before. after awhile everyone except terris fiancee went to dennys, and there we had a total blast. we goofed off till around three in the morning, which was fun, but getting up this morning was a chore because of it.

a series of unfortunate events comes out on the seventeenth of december, and im definately gonna see it on that day, even if no one wants to come with me. i cant wait.

and i still need to find out what rach wants for christmas, as im getting all of my shopping done this saturday. this will be it, no last minute stuff for me. i will get it done early and that will be that...and i wont have to fight the crowds, hallelujah.
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