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hp3 psychobabble

so i was watching my brand spankin new copy of hp poa, and i couldnt stop laughing. its not that i dont like the movie, because i do; its my fav hp movie yet...but. its just too too funny. examples, ooh!

a) gratuitous!hedwig. im not saying im a hedwig fan or not, but i do think its funny how the owl is shoved into odd scenes, ie one of lupin and harrys romantic walks. it gives a wtf? vibe that makes me giggle.

b) the dracoeatinganapple!scene kills me. it has nothing to do with anything, but there it is. keerunch! perhaps they felt bad for whats his name that plays draco because he didnt have such a big part in the movie this time?

c) lupin and harrys romantic walks throughout the school. that, while funny, is also rather scary. its while on these walks that lupin hints to harry that he and lily had a thing, oh, and so did him and james. teehee.
1) theres also the whole sirius/remus dynamic with the sirius/james and sirius/harry sub plot. this movie sure has fed the fantasies of anyone who sails those well as the play on a hermione/ron relationship. ('they may have to chop it' = too cute)

D) and this one deserves to be capitalized cuz it kinda bothers me, as well as justifying a point i made earlier. dumbledore really goes out of his way to make sure that harry doesnt have anyone to go to during the summer except the dursleys, doesnt he? i was watching the movie, and it came to the part where dumbledore says that he believes that sirius is innocent, but that no one else will take harry and hermiones word over snapes. but in all reality, if dumbledore told fudge to wait, fudge would have. its not until the fourth book that fudge really starts to go against dumbledore, and thats only cuz he doesnt want to admit that voldie is back. in third year the old manipulative git still has most of the control, but instead of using it, he puts harry in a situation where he has to give up the chance at a happy home, but thinks that dumbledore did all he could, and that it couldnt be helped. its all just a bit too neat, if you ask me. the old coot does just enough to come out smelling like a rose, but not enough to actually make harrys life easier. arg.

and alan rickman as snape still makes my toes curl. somehow i dont think that jk rowling had that in mind when she wrote snape in the books, but hey, its all good, yeah?

other than that lil semi rantish thing, life is good. i got some of my christmas shopping done today, and i hope to get the rest done by next sat at the latest. then i can relax and not worry about fighting the crowds and annoying shopping ppl. not rushing to buy gifts is a good thing, methinks. :D
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