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last night my mum told me that i wouldnt have to take the sister to school, as she wanted to go with mom early. i thought that was a good thing, as i was having one of those horrible, horrible nights where im really tired but cant seem to sleep. i finally fall asleep round two, only to wake up at six with mom telling me that i have to take the brat to school as she refuses to get up and get going. so no more sleep for me till i get home, right? wrong. i cant fall back asleep now that i am home. *cries*

on the bright side, now i can get a few of the things on my list finished. i already called the jury duty place, and im scheduled for monday at eight fifteen, which rather sucks as i now have to leave at six thirty to get there, so i have to be up and going by six at the latest. buh. i can also go get a checking account at the bank and apply for a debit card, which will be good...though im afraid the card will hold too much temptation for me. :D p'rhaps ill just open a checking account till i get some more money in the bank...that sounds more like a plan than getting a debit card...
Tags: personal: rants

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