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sometimes i get so weird, i even freak myself out

kinda hyper right now. just got back from taking the sarah to dinner. she invited the mike, so we had an...interesting time i suppose. those two are pretty damn funny. dinner was pretty good. i dont know if i will be able to concentrate enough to make much sense, but youll put up with it, yeah?

after dinner we hit barnes & noble, which was good for me, as i wanted to get the sequel to faerie wars. luckily they had one copy left, so i bought it. yay! i also got two more lemony snicket books...and a robe! i like the robe! its pretty and soft and i love, love, love it. oh, and i got a new cd case, which is good, as my old one doesnt fit my cds anymore. *sniffle*

kay, i cant pay attention to this, so im off.
Tags: friends: birthdays

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