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my nose is freezing, and both my head and feet are killing me. ive been standing for five hours straight, and damn does it take its toll. oh well, though, at least im doing something...and to be perfectly honest, i like working. its nice, and i am happy knowing that if my friends and i plan something i most likely wont be strapped for cash, which i got quite used to being before. i even like doing the dishes.

i am so so tired though..but tomorrow is one of my days off so im happy. i can sleep...but  i think that ill be going shopping tomorrow. i need another pair of pants, and maybe ill treat myself to a poncho. :) well see.

san diego was pretty fun. rach was hillarious, as she ran through our suite thing taking pictures of every room. it was too cute. seaworld was fun too...dude, the manatees were HUGE! i never knew they were so gigantic...i like them. but the baluga whales were my fav. theyre so cute...ah, and i got attacked by the Seagull of Dooooom while i was trying to feed the sealions. twas v. v. scary.

theres this ren fair thingie this weekend, and friend sarah, along with friends abby and tamara, is fencing during it, so i simply must go watch. should be fun, i guess. all i need to do is find out what time it starts, and itll all be good. i can get my happy ass there on time.

im sure that there was more stuff that i wanted to say, but hell if i can remember with my stupid head pounding...grr. 

Tags: fun: sea world, personal: work

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