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Fic Recs

Yo yo you yo. I am here to recommend some mighty fine Draco/Harry fics, which I do so love. :D Anyone who likes the ship will adore these fics, trust me. Anyway, here they be:


Truly a great fic. I was a bit sceptical because there were so many new characters introduced, but the author knows what they're doing...and it's wow. Thats really all I can say for it...that and check it out, you wont regret it.

2) WAKING IN LIGHT by Amanuensis

It's a restricted fic and you'll need a password, but its worth it. Actually, most of the stories on that site are worth it.

Go there, read and enjoy. Also go to for some really really good slashy stories...when the site is working that is. In particular try out WEATHERED by hpgriffn and MAGNETIC ATTRACTION by frizzy. Wonderful stories.

Also try out for aja's fics. Amazing author. Great fics. And while you are there check out LadyVader's fics too.

Oh yes. Try out and
Wonderful authors, the both of them. Jackson Rayne only has one fic, but it's intense and powerful and amazing...just try it.

And then theres my loverly hobo-hobisho, who I am desperately trying to recruit to Harry/Draco slashyness, and I'm getting closer each day. She writes mainly Snape/Hermione fics, with spots and hints of Draco/Harry goodness, and they are definately worth the read. Go here:
and check them out.

Well, I'm done with my fic links, and will perhaps make a real post soon. :D Or maybe not..
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