November 7th, 2012

Base: Who says you can't relax in heels?

It Needs to be Thursday NOW!

I am going to wait until tomorrow to talk Nice Guy. Mostly because I only skimmed the recap tonight, and tomorrow I will give it more time, but also because it's the preview for Episode 18 that's freaking me right the fuck out. [This happens and it makes me all squirmy...somehow in both the good way and the bad. Talent!]I know that Maru isn't in love with Jae Hee. but I also don't want him "confessing" to her either.

Although. I think that I am finally on the "Maru should be forgiven, okay Eun Gi?" train, because he is just so willing to screw himself over for her to be happy and to get what is rightfully hers. I just...I'm not big on epic true loves, or even love at all really, but if I had a guy that far gone for me I might have to reconsider.

But! American Horror Story tonight! I almost forgot. But now I remember, and so will be talking about that.

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